Advantages Of Mosquito Nets

My daughter told me about the Mosquito Net campaign that her school was involved in through Unicef. Although I new that Unicef helped in all sorts of amazing ways, throughout the world, the Mosquito Net campaign was new to me.

Unicef, located at 500 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile neighborhood, brings back memories for me from when I was in school, and participated in the Trick-Or-Treat for Unicef program.

Years later, my daughter still participates in the Halloween program, but the Mosquito Net program is new to her.

When we raised money for the program, we learned that these mosquito nets cover the beds, or sleeping areas of families who live in parts of the world that are plagued by mosquitoes and malaria.

Being a nurse, I know the devastation that malaria can cause, and by preventing mosquito bites, the disease can be prevented.

After donating the nets, my daughter even received photographs of the families that were helped because of the nets.

Of course, this made my daughter feel wonderful because she was able to see the grateful smiles of those that she helped.

If you want to know more about Unicef, check out their website.

Sources: Personal Experience