Protection From Mosquito Bites

It’s barbecue season, and here we go again, forever swatting mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are nasty, blood-thirsty little things that not only inflict extremely painful bites but also can carry nasty diseases.

There are ways to combat the mosquito problem. One way is to protect yourself with mosquito repellents and barriers. Another is to make sure that your garden is not mosquito friendly.

Make Sure Your Garden isn’t a Mosquito Breeding Haven

The simple fact is mosquitoes breed where there is water. They lay their eggs on moist soil, slow moving water, stagnant water or even in leaf piles that can collect water.

To prevent them breeding you need to start considering where water may lay in your yard and how to stop it.

Let’s start a check- list:

If you have recycling bins or garbage bins that are outside drill holes in the bottom of them. This way water will not be able to accumulate. Holes in the side will not do the job as water will still be able to get in and lay on the bottom.

Make sure that all gutters are clear and not clogged up. And whilst in this area check that your downspouts are working correctly. There should be no puddles in the drainage area.

If you have a swimming pool make sure that it is chlorinated and cleaned and this is also important if they are not in use. So remember this when you go on vacation.

Once there has been rainfall, take a walk around your garden. See if there are any areas that do not drain well. Any puddles that stay for 3 days or more should make you consider regarding the area.

Ornamental ponds can be a mosquito heaven if they are not adequately aerated so that the water keeps moving. Unless of course you put mosquito eating fish in the pond….

Anything in your garden that holds water, such as children’s paddling pools or bird baths need to be emptied at least twice a week it there has been rain. Keep in mind saucers under flower- pots too.

Get rid of upturned lids of garbage cans and any tires that you may have lying around.

Another point to remember is the fact that adult mosquitoes rest through the day and they like to rest on vegetation and tall weeds. So, keep the lawn mowed and the weeds down.