Natural Non Toxic Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes are a major problem in the United States and around the world. An estimated 200 million dollars are spent annually on bug repellent in America.

Many of the sprays sold today contain toxic ingredients and those that are non-toxic are often not effective for any period of time.

It is difficult for a parent to choose whether to spray small doses of poison on their child’s skin or use chemical-free versions which do not give extended protection. The answer to the mosquito may be growing as a weed in your own backyard.

Several years ago I lived on the east coast and began researching old remedies for every day injuries such as burns, aching joints, and ear infections.

I came across the information that the Yarrow plant is a mosquito repellent. After seeing several pictures of the plant I realized it was growing wild along many of the highways in the east.

I decided to try out the home remedy. I gathered several bunches of the plant, which resemble a two to three foot tall weed with small bunches of white flowers at the top.

I crammed the leaves and stems into a tea kettle and added water. After the kettle boiled, I let my concoction brew without heat for a few minutes and then strained out all of debris.

What was left was a liquid similar to water without odor and a light golden tint. I put the “Yarrow juice” in a clean spray bottle and doused myself with it.

The east coast is notorious for mosquitoes which take no prisoners. I waited outside in the early evening when the beasts love to bite the best.

I walked around my yard and finally laid down under a tree. Not one mosquito came near me. There was no odor of insecticides and no skin reaction to the spray. One bottle of the spray lasted the entire summer.

It remained powerful and I simply refrigerated my formula. You use much less than is necessary with traditional bug repellents and it doesn’t cost a dime.

For the rest of the summer my children and I were bite free and I became a believer in the power of this home remedy.

Today I live in Texas where mosquitoes thrive. I cannot find my beloved and free Yarrow plants growing beside the roads during the summer.

It only grows in the spring before it gets too hot, but the seeds are very inexpensive. I grow my own yarrow now and refuse to pay another dime for mosquito repellent.

My children are still bite free throughout the summer. Keep your eyes open. Along our highways there are entire medicine cabinets full of your great grandparents’ remedies for just about anything that ails you.

Why pay when nature is giving you the protection for free. The Yarrow plant offers the finest mosquito repellent I have ever seen and contains none of the negative attributes that we spend millions of dollars on to keep the pesky mosquito at bay.