Garlic Natural Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes not only make skin itch when they bite by causing an antihistamine reaction of the skin but they are dangerous in that they spread diseases in one pop. In warmer humid or wet climates they may continue to bite year round.

Using repellents that work by applying to the skin or spraying on clothes isn’t the safest thing to do to ward off the insatiable bloodthirsty insects.

An ingredient called Deet found in many repellents is thought to cause harm or even death to young children. Burning citronella candles is a safer alternative to application or spray repellents but its limited by its range of protection.

Candles can also get knocked over and start fires or they could get knocked onto a person and cause a burn.

People that go fishing, camping or kids that enjoy camping outside can make a safe protective area without applications, sprays or candles.

You need duct tape and garlic. You could crush up fresh garlic and use that, but garlic that is found in the herbal seasonings is probably going to go further and it should be cheaper.

You can use garlic butter if you prefer. Never use odorless garlic. The smell is what repels mosquitoes. Like any other repellent there will always be one sometimes several mosquitoes that will decide to bite you anyway.

Decide what the range and area is that you will be at for the day, evening or both. You can always extend the range and the area if you decide to move about.

Begin by Breaking off a piece of duct tape and on one end roll the sticky part backward onto the non-sticky part so that the non-sticky part will become sticky.

It will probably take about three rolls. The length of the duct tape should be intact. It is just a small part at the top of one end that is needed as an adhesive.

Hold the long sticky side upward in the palm of one hand. Take the garlic and sprinkle it up and down the length of the sticky side.

Get as much on it as you can so that the smell will be much stronger. Stick the backward end that should be sticky onto a tree, a rock, the opening of a tent or inside on the walls of the tent, a table, chair, vehicle, boat or anywhere you are going to be at.

Don’t stick up just one. Make a whole bunch of the garlic duct tape stick them all around you and let the garlic repel those annoying mosquitoes.