Sticky Mosquito Trap

What do some people do to get rid of annoying biting insects like mosquitoes?

They spray them with hairspray.

Hairspray works in the sense that a sticky trap would for roaches, rats or mice except that it is sprayed instead of being set in a specific location where there is heavy traffic of the pests.

The biting insect is targeted and the hairspray is fired. The shot hits the insect and sticks it legs or wings together. If the insect can’t get free before the hairspray dries the insect will be stuck and will eventually die or get taken out by other insects seeking a meal.

Flying insects can be shot in the air or popped once they’ve landed. If necessary you can spray your arms, legs or clothing if the mosquitoes have rested there to poke holes in your skin and drain your blood.

Crawling insects can meet the same fate. Just take aim and fire at those ferocious hungry ants making a break for your food or crawling up your leg to give you a chomp to make you scream.

Hairspray really only works when it is wet but a short burst is all it takes to be effective. Streamlining style products that shoot out in a flow such as what a pump can do instead of a mist might hit one bug but the mist will hit a broader space and therefore attach to the number of bugs in range.

Style products that shoot out in a stream may also pool in one spot and make it sticky. Hairspray can make things sticky to if it’s sprayed in the same area over and over.

If the residue from hairspray becomes too much it can be washed away. But be careful about washing too much of it in your yard or garden. The buildup of hairspray might be toxic to the grass, plants and wildlife.

Be careful of what you spray the hairspray into if you are using it to attack mosquitoes and other biting insects. Most hairspray’s are flammable.

If you are enjoying a nice cool summer evening cookout and the mosquitoes are biting don’t spray hairspray at the grill.

It could cause the flames to shoot up and burn somebody or something else starting a fire that could rapidly go out of control.

Avoid aiming the hairspray over insect repellent scented candles such as Citronella and spraying. That too could start a fire.