Homemade Mosquito Repellents

It all starts basically the same. We go out onto our porches to enjoy an evening cigar; admire the purple sunset, or take a stroll in our back yards near dusk on a warm summer’s evening.

Or attempt to enjoy the famous summer Barbeque & POW! We’re invaded & placed under attack by the world’s most prolific terrorist: The MOSQUITO!

First you hear the subtle, insidious, high pitched buzzing of the treacherous male. You are instantly irritated & on high alert; probably cussing under your breath. But this is only the beginning.

He is only there as recon to probe your line because the male doesn’t feed on you, he’s simply softening you up; getting your heart racing in order to pump warm blood to all of your exposed parts; a mere distraction.

The real attack is coming any second & more than likely it has already begun while the male is keeping your hands busy & your blood flowing; the real insurgent, the real terrorist is already sucking you dry faster than a brother with a dope habit.

The female mosquito; the Osama of the insect world. She wages aggressive, violent, attacks. Thirsting for blood, she bites down & drinks from any part of you that she can reach.

In panic & disgust you swat back, you cuss louder, you spray chemicals into the air, but sadly, this is usually futile. As you fall prey to her relentless attacks, you’re already beginning to itch profusely, to develop red whelps from each brutal bite.

But what do you do you ask? Well I have a very cheap, practical, & proven method of keeping these radical miniature vampires out of your general area.

I live in rural South Georgia, so I have seen a mosquito or two in my day. I have tried everything to keep them off of me because I have no tolerance for them at all.

I have used chemical sprays, which I personally hate because they stink & feel funny on my skin, & most importantly; they don’t work half the time.

I have used those citronella candles which seem to provide minor protection but cost a lot & you’re only able to use them outdoors. I smoke cigars but contrary to popular belief, smoking doesn’t really keep the mosquitoes away.

Well a couple weeks ago I was going about my normal routine & went out on my porch to smoke late in the evening; far past dark. I live about 50 feet from a canal; mosquito central as you can imagine.

I took out one of our oil lamps or hurricane lamps; whichever you prefer, so that I would have a little mild light without using my bright porch light & drawing every bug & his cousin for 50 miles.

I lit the lamp & placed it beside my rocker on a small table & eureka! NO mosquitoes. I thought that this made sense considering the lamp oil contains chemicals very similar to kerosene & that apparently is not a mosquito’s favorite smell.

So, I sat there for about an hour; no bites, no buzzing. I had found a cheap & effective way to ward off these pests & use a deterrent that was attractive to the eye.

Armed with this discovery I began to experiment. I performed this same ritual using scented candles, the best being the cinnamon scented ones [crushed cinnamon also is extremely effective as a snake repellent]; even cheap $1 brands from the Dollar General & Family Dollar type stores.

They are just as effective as the citronella & in most cases; cheaper. The great thing about these is the fact that they are multifunctional. You can take them inside & out. The user can keep his/her home fresh & smelling good & keep the onslaught of mosquito attacks to a minimum.

I am not saying that you can keep every mosquito in a 50 mile range away by lighting a candle but you can certainly keep them at bay by staying within about 15 feet of the lit candle; obviously the closer the better but Try placing several outside in strategic locations the next time you plan to spend an evening on your porch or deck.

As I stated, oil lamps work best; they are visually attractive, re-useable, cheap. I hope that you have enjoyed this little pearl of wisdom.

I hope that you will try it & that it gives you similar results. I have a lot of odd home remedies & tips on how to use what you have lying around the house in order to get the job done.

Most of this knowledge was passed on to me by the old-timers around this area so trust me; it works. I will continue to submit articles containing new things to try. Until then, thanks for taking the time to read my ranting.