Best Mosquito Repellent For Dogs

When your dog lives outdoors, they face a multitude of problems. Outdoor dogs have to deal with uncomfortable conditions most of their lives.

Whether it’s stormy rains, severe cold, or extreme heat, outdoor dogs have to adapt. As responsible dog owners, it is our job to do everything possible to minimize the discomfort that our dogs feel.

Caring pet owners realize that there is nothing more miserable than your dog having to battle blazing hot temperatures while being attacked by tons of insects.

Unfortunately, when you are an outdoor dog, this is your life. Thankfully, products like Pre-Strike Mosquito Repellent for Dogs help rid them of annoying bugs in the summer time.

Last summer, I didn’t use the Pre-Strike Mosquito Repellent for Dogs, I used another product on my outdoor dog to repel insects. I had to apply it every day.

I knew that there had to be a better way. My dog didn’t like to get sprayed with the spray each day. He would run around the yard, and I would have to try to catch him.

I got sick of running around the yard like a fool, yelling at my dog, while neighbors laughed at me.

I Went to the local pet supply store, and looked around. I found the Pre-Strike. It kills and repels mosquitoes, flies, Gnats, fleas, and ticks.

The Pre-Strike only needs to be applied once a week. The dogs coat should be ruffled, and the Pre-Strike should be applied against the natural lay of the coat. Large dogs should be sprayed until their coat is damp.

The Pre-Strike should not be sprayed around food, or water. Pre-Strike should not be used on puppies under twelve weeks of age.

There are a lot of warnings attached to the Pre-Strike. To avoid any problems, I would advise you to read the label carefully before you begin to use it.

After reading the warning label, I decided to wear latex gloves. The label says that it can be harmful to humans if absorbed through the skin. I didn’t want to find out what that meant, so I was not going to take any chances.

After using the Pre-Strike Mosquito Repellent, I noticed the difference in my dog. He was not constantly shaking flies, and mosquitoes off of his coat. He appeared to be more comfortable.

The Pre-Strike also makes an outdoor yard spray that you attach to your garden hose. I have noticed a reduction in the number of insects plaguing our backyard. I would not advise the use of this product on a windy day.

I can’t speak for my dog, but I’m guessing that he is glad to have the Pre-Strike products in his life.