Mosquito Information Facts

Mosquitoes. Enough said, they are annoying, distracting and have you running to destination to destination looking like a fool. All they seem to do is bother you when you’re trying to enjoy a bright sunny day.

I don’t have a problem with the fact that they drink my blood actually, other than the viruses they may spread; I just really hate how itchy you are after they bite you.

Like couldn’t they take my blood and leave peacefully, and not make me itch, then I wouldn’t smack them and kill them. So my question is, what are mosquitoes purpose in this world?

First of all, they are part of the ever important food chain. Mosquitoes are eaten by spiders or dragonflies, frogs then eat the spiders or dragonflies.

Next snakes eat the frogs, followed by birds eating snakes. Dogs and cats will these birds and so on. So really, All of these animals depend on mosquitoes so that they can eat their pray.

Now yes, you may think, ‘but can’t the spiders eat other things like flies,’ this is true, but not everywhere there are flies, they usually will fall through the spiders web, and for each level of the food chain, it is better to have more sources of food.

Mosquitoes can kill over 1 million people every year. This is because of the very deadly diseases they carry. They can carry filareasis, dengue fever, yellow fever, malaria, encephalitis.

These creatures can also be harmful to animals as they are known to carry dog heartworm. These diseases can be life threatening if not caught and treated properly.

Although, don’t go to the doctor every time you get bitten, because only a very few mosquitoes carry these diseases, and that is only because they have been infected.

Are mosquitoes attracted to different people more? The real answer is yes, think about it as if you were a primitive hunter looking to feed your tribe, would you kill the big meaty strong cow, or the weak one.

You would obviously kill the strong cow, as it will provide you with better meat, and more meat at that. For the most part, mosquitoes are attracted to wherever there is CO² because this lets them know there is a living life form nearby, CO² is produced by your breath and your pores.

Some species of the 3000 species there are, are attracted to certain scents and colours. So my best advice is to avoid using scented hairsprays or colognes when you don’t wish to be bitten. They also are less attracted to light colours and shades.

Not every mosquitoes bites, only the females bit you, so she can have her eggs develop, they usually eat plant nectar.

The male firsts fertilizes the eggs inside the female, then she takes blood from other living beings to give the eggs protein so they can develop properly.

So there you have it, why mosquitoes live, and facts about them.