Off Mosquito Lamp Refill

The best part of having a refillable lamp is knowing that you are saving money and helping the environment. Off Mosquito Lamp Refills have been around for years doing both.

The aerosol cans are very expensive and they are bad for the environment. I had my reasons for purchasing the lamp and the Off Mosquito Lamp Refill.

Simply because I thought it wasn’t a good idea to spray the product directly on my skin. It was good the Off Mosquito Lamp Refill was produced soon after the spray.

Lamps and lanterns are more effective than sprays and torches. Simply add the Off Mosquito Lamp Refill into the lamp and you can see the light repellent spread out across your certain area and all mosquitoes and other insects go away.

When Off first introduced their repellent in the spray can, it would only work for a few hours and you would find yourself using most of it in a single day.

Now that there is Off Mosquito Lamp Refills, protection from those little pests has gotten better.

Off Mosquito Lamp Refills usually is $4 for a pack of three in the summer but half price in fall and winter months.

Those off-seasons are the best time to purchase them because of the discount prices. You can buy them and put them up until summer months because they don’t have an expiration date.

The stores have to take them off of their display floors and they don’t want to stock them in their back rooms.

One of the Off Mosquito Lamp Refills can provide up to 250 feet of protection. That is enough to cover most American backyards unless you are in a rural area where yards are spread out.

There is no harm in placing one on each side of your yard. The days that I choose to have some type of activity going on outdoors, I am sure to have Off Mosquito Lamp Refills and everyone there is protected as long as the lamp is still burning.

Each of the Off Mosquito Lamp Refills can be stretched if used properly. One refill lasts for four hours. I tend to turn it off a few minutes before going back indoors.

That way I won’t be using my entire refill at one time. The Off Mosquito Lamp Refills already were saving you money, but now a single purchase can take you through the whole summer.

It just depends on each person’s schedule for being outdoors.