Mosquito Finds Blood Vessel

Much has been discovered about the many traits of mosquitoes particularly with reference to how these loathsome insects locate and select their targets.

In fact, their targets vary considerably dependent upon the mosquitoes own taste requirement.

As the human skin consists of over 1000 different chemical combinations, not surprisingly each mosquito might favor one particular type of human skin as opposed to another.

Additionally, certain areas of the human skin are targeted more than other areas. For instance some mosquitoes home in on the forehead; this area being a favored spot.

However, possibly the most sought after skin area for mosquitoes is where lactic acid and sweat are most profuse.

A contributory factor for a mosquito in choosing a favorite area is carbon dioxide, and where this is emitted from the skin is often a chosen place to inflict its target.

For this reason, people with higher metabolisms and a more significant level of activity or a greater body temperature appear to be prime targets for the common mosquito.

Other influential factors for a mosquito are certain types of food and medications taken by a human being, although the preferred types of foods and medications are unknown.

Despite the fact that this information is useful to know it is not absolutely conclusive evidence as this insect uses a combination of olfactory, thermal and visual impulses when selecting its prey.

Moreover it is known that it is only the female that inflicts the pain and it is possible for a mosquito to administer up to six bites on any one person.

Initially the mosquito injects a person with saliva to enable the blood to be extracted. This process is the actual cause of the irritation and in some instances results in an allergic reaction.

Therefore, the best way to prevent being attacked by mosquitoes is to become aware of their behavioral traits. It is widely known that mosquitoes attack at sundown so always ensure your arms and legs are covered to minimize any bites and insect repellant can also be used to deter these little pests.

As mosquitoes tend to thrive in aquatic environments, these areas are best avoided completely if you are susceptible to mosquito bites.