Mosquito Facts For Children

Mosquitoes are often thought of as pesky bugs that bite. However, most students and people in general do not know that only the females bite.

They do this because they need the blood to lay their eggs. Here are some great activities to incorporate into your lesson plans all about mosquitoes.

A great activity to do for this unit is to go pond dipping. Find a pond that is nearby where your school or town is. You will need glass jars and nets for this activity.

Allow your students to dip their nets into the pond to see if they can catch any mosquito larva. In the spring there are lots of this in ponds.

Have them pour some water into the glass jars and put whatever they catch into the jars. They can then observe everything they catch in the jar.

Make sure to place everything you have caught back into the pond after you are done observing it.

A great game to play about mosquitoes is called Mosquito tag. Give each child some stickers. You can make these by using the clip art on your computer and labels with adhesive on the back.

Then cut out the pictures for your students. To play this game your students run around trying to tag each other.

When a child gets tagged they receive a small sticker from that child which resembles them getting a “mosquito bite”. The person that uses all their stickers first is the winner.

Another cool game to play is called blood suckers. Divide your students into two teams. Have them line up in a line.

The person at the front of the line is given a sponge which will resemble a mosquitoes sucker and a bucket of “blood” (water). Next place a bucket at the end of the line as well.

When the teacher yells go the person at the front of the line gets as much “blood” on the “sucker” as possible and passes it down the line until it gets to the last person.

The last person then rings it out into the bucket at the end of the line. That person then runs to the front of the line and fills the sucker up again.

Play until everyone has gone two times. Whichever team has the most water in the bucket at the end of the line wins! This is a great game since it allows your students to get wet!

By incorporating these activities into your plans about mosquitoes your students will have lots of fun.

They will learn about mosquitoes while playing exciting games and doing cool activities. So the next time you plan a day on mosquitoes try using some of these activities.