Control Mosquitoes In Your Yard

Mosquito’s are pesky little insects that really can ruin an evening outside or a family event. They carry diseases and are active especially in the evening time during the summer months.

Mosquito’s love to hang around areas where stagnant or standing water is present.

Some common steps to help control mosquito’s in your yard is to do a walk around looking for standing water anywhere such as old flower pots and toys are common area where water stands for a long time.

If you find any item holding water dump it out and try to sit the item where water can’t accumulate again. This will help control the growth of the mosquito’s since they will not have any water to fly and hatch eggs around.

Another thing to do in your yard is to make sure all grass is cut short because mosquito’s like to hide out in high grass and plus the grass holds moisture if its long.

Also, make sure you cut all standing weeds down as well because mosquito’s hide in the weeds as well. You should pick up a weed killer and spray any high weeds you have to help eliminate the presence of mosquitos.

It seems that mosquito’s are more active in the evening times so try to wear long clothes as the weather permits when you’re outside. Don’t wear long clothing if it’s hot outside because then you’ll just be miserable.

There are many solutions on the market for spraying your yard to kill mosquitos. I would recommend that you purchase one that is well known and spray your yard during the summer.

This will help control mosquitos from multiplying. You can pick up a spray at any local hardware store for around $20-$40 dollars.

Also, if you don’t have one now purchase a good bug zapper where you can plug it in the evening. Mosquito’s will swarm to the zapper and be killed.

This helps control the population from reproducing in your yard as well. Put the bug zapper high away from you and your family so that the mosquitos will swarm to a specific part of your yard where the light is on the zapper.

These common steps will help control the habitat where mosquitoes like to live and allow you to go outside in the evening.

Nothing will completely eliminate the mosquitos, but taking the mentioned steps above will stop them from reproducing in your yard.

If you put down any spray on your yard make sure your pets don’t walk in the area to avoid tracking the spray in your house.