Mosquito Trap Liter Bottle

Are you planning a picnic or cookout for family and friends? You have thought of everything from food to friends. Decorations are up and guests are coming. Wait!

Who are these uninvited guests? If flies or mosquitoes have invaded your picnic and taken over the party, here is a simple idea to beat those bugs and make your picnic free of pests.

What You Will Need

For this simple project you will need a two liter bottle that has been emptied. A good pair of sharp scissors and one small container of Mountain Dew will also need to be on hand. If you have more than one empty two-liter bottle, you will need more Mountain Dew. The more containers you have, the more bug catchers you can create.

You may want some tape for the craft, as well. Masking tape, clear tape, or duct tape works fine. Whatever type of tape

You have on hand will typically do well.

What to Do

As mentioned above, it is best to have a two-liter bottle that has been rinsed clean. This will prevent your bug catcher from being very sticky on the outside of the container and will keep your hands much cleaner.

Using a good pair of sharp scissors, carefully cut the two-liter bottle in half in the middle between the mouth of the bottle and the bottom of the container.

Once the two-liter bottle has been cut in half, you should have a section that appears like a bowl or large cup and the other half that looks similar to a funnel.

If desired, cover the cut edges of the bottle with tape so that no rough edges are exposed. This easy step can help to protect you or your guests from getting accidentally scratched.

To create the bug catcher, all you need to do from here is to turn the top half of the two-liter bottle upside down to resemble a funnel.

Gently slide this section down inside the bottom half of the two-liter bottle until it sits reasonably snug in its place.

Now, pour some Mountain Dew into the funnel area and it will flow down into the bottom half of the container. Do not allow the Mountain Dew to fill the bug catcher container too much to rise above the mouth of the bottle. This will defeat the purpose of the project.

Place the bug catchers around the area where you have your picnic. The Mountain Dew attracts flies, bees, and mosquitoes.

The unique shape of the bug catcher allows the pests to fly down inside the container to the attractive Mountain Dew, but will not allow the bugs to fly back out and bother the guests at your party.