Itch Relief For Mosquito Bites

Making a paste or bath from oatmeal is a cheap, green and easy way to relieve itchy skin from conditions like chicken pox, measles, dry skin, sunburn, skin rashes, mosquito bites and it can even help with the discomfort of poison ivy.

This natural remedy is great not only because it is cheap but most people have it at home. When making a paste, quick oats will dissolve faster but any plain oatmeal will work.

For smaller applications or spot treatment you can take a little bowl and mix oatmeal with warm water and stir until you have a paste that is somewhat slimy.

You can apply this paste locally to any itchy spot or dab a finger in the paste and just apply the liquid from this mixture. This is the best method to use for poison ivy itch and individual mosquito bites.

For full body or larger area coverage you have three options.

First, you can make a bath soak. Dissolve a large amount of oatmeal flakes in a bathtub and bathe in it. You should use at least three to four cups of oatmeal and let it dissolve while you are running your bathwater.

Do not rinse your skin after bathing. This works very well for chicken pox, measles and other conditions that affect the entire body.

However, this method creates a big mess in the tub and is not always practical. When you are done bathing you need to skim out the bulk of the flakes and then rinse the tub.

Second, you can take a large bowl and fill it with one or two cups of oatmeal and one to two gallons of warm water. Stir this mixture until the water turns cloudy.

Use your hand to scoop out the liquid and gently pour or rub all over the affected area. You could also make a foot bath if your legs got bitten up by mosquitoes. The itch will dissipate very quickly. Do not rinse.

Your third option is to make some sort of oatmeal tea to avoid dealing with the flakes. You can put oatmeal in some type of sieve or strainer and let it sit in very warm water.

Remove the strainer and capture the water mixture, use as a topical treatment and do not rinse.

There is no set ratio for how much oatmeal to water you need to use but the thicker or stronger the mixture, the better it will work to relieve itchy skin.