Homemade Mosquito Repellent With Lavender Oil

Living in the South means humid summer months and trying to escape the wrath of the almighty mosquito. I have grown to dread outdoor neighborhood and family gatherings due to the attraction that these small flying insects have to me.

I never understood why I could sit around the summer picnic table and be “attacked” by these pests as my husband sits beside me and never feels a bite.

I have read that there are many factors that determine why some people are more prone to mosquito bites than others, but most of these are due to chemical reactions that are typically not under our control to manage.

After a relaxing massage with my therapist one day, I apologized for all the “bumps” he must have encountered on my lower extremities due to mosquito bites from the prior weekend.

The therapist used Lavender as a base for his massage oil and proceeded to tell me that he had heard about the benefits of Lavender oil to repel mosquitoes. He shared some oil with me and sent me on my way.

I decided to try this remedy out the next evening. It was prime time in the evening to be a magnet for even the smallest of mosquitoes to my chemically attracted skin.

The heat and humidity were perfect for my experiment. I gathered my daughter and said “let’s go outside to play”. I knew this was an invitation to be eaten alive, given the outdoor conditions that evening.

I had ammunition that I wasn’t even sure would do the trick. But, I wanted to play outside again with my daughter and have an outdoor BBQ without the taste of bug spray lingering in on my lips.

I took the cotton balls and dabbed them in the Lavender oil the therapist had given me. I applied the oil to my inner wrists, behind my knees, and each side of my neck.

My thought was to hit all the pulse points just like I had dabbed perfume for years to let off a scent with each beat of my heart.

With hesitation, I stepped outside onto the concrete drive. I was awaiting the attack of the insects, but nothing happened.

I actually saw one fly right by me and continue on. I ran with my daughter and strolled happily down the road beside the wooded area with her forgetting about my prey that had haunted me for years.

Later that evening, I realized that not one time had I been bitten by the flying enemies from my past.

From that point on, I have invested in my own Lavender Oil and applied it to my pulse points throughout mosquito season.

It has made all the difference in my ability to overcome the irritation I felt by not wanting to play or eat outside on those hot, humid summer evenings.

I can now truly enjoy the “pulse” of the summer months with this natural mosquito repellent.