How To Keep Mosquitoes From Biting You

With summer comes those nasty little creatures that love to just bite whatever part of our bodies they can possibly get at. You guessed it, mosquitoes!

Anything that works is used no matter how much it costs. Here are a few inexpensive ways to keep the mosquitoes away for as long as they are buzzing around.


Mosquitoes, or any insect for that matter cannot stand the smell of anything that has to do with garlic. Before mosquito season even begins, buy some garlic pills and start taking them.

One or two a day will definitely keep those mosquitoes away, plus you get all the extra benefits garlic has to offer. If you are not comfortable with taking garlic pills, then rubbing garlic oil on your skin that is exposed will do the trick just as good.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil will also keep the mosquitoes far way from anyone who has splashed a little bit of it on them. Just a little dab will do, small amount on each wrist, ankles, and behind the ears, and you are all set to be mosquito free!


Vinegar and water mixed in equal parts in a spray bottle will keep those pesky little creatures away from you. Be sure to shake thoroughly and use distilled vinegar.

Any vinegar will do, distilled vinegar works more effectively. Spray the mist on any skin that is visible and the mosquitoes will stay away. Keep away from face, will irritate the eyes and nose

Avon’s ORIGINAL Skin So Soft

Buy yourself a bottle or two of Avon’s original Skin So Soft. Cannot be anything but the original spray. Once you have gotten it, it costs about $8.00, spray it all over any part that will be exposed and go on with whatever it is you will be doing. I can promise there will not be a mosquito in sight.

Be Practical

1. Always wear long sleeves and pants if there is an over abundance of mosquitoes outside. If you have young children, dress them with long sleeves and pants as well. The clothes do not have to be heavy material, just as long as they can cover you up and help keep the mosquitoes away.

2. Do not go to lakes or canals when the sun begins to go down. That’s when they start to come out the most.

3. Empty all standing water, mosquitoes love water no matter where it is.

4. Take a few dollars and get some Citronella candles. They do work to tone down the appearance of the little pain in the butts.

Last but not least..

5. If you do not have to go outside, then do not go outside. Sometimes the best way to keep mosquitoes from biting, is to eliminate going where they are. If you do not have to go outside, then do not go outside.

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