How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Around Pool

Water attracts mosquitoes by the hordes. Your pool is the one place where you love to spend those hot summer days, but do not like to be pestered by mosquitoes.

This is not a good combination. Mosquitoes are naturally drawn to your pool and the area surrounding your pool. If you have ever tried taking a cool refreshing swim as the sun went down for the day, you have probably been eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Tiki torches are the way that most people try to get rid of mosquitoes around their pool. Other then giving off light when you are swimming at night and providing a festive look around your pool they do not help to get rid of mosquitoes.

There is another way that you can get rid of mosquitoes around your pool. With this method you do not have to worry about using toxic chemicals that your children and animals may get into.

Step One

Buy an empty plastic spray bottle at your nearest dollar store. A plastic spray bottle is a great thing to have on hand for many homemade remedies.

You may want to pick up a few when you get one to get rid of mosquitoes by your pool. This container can be reused many times with the same mosquito fighting repellent and not add to the landfills in your area. This will be good for the environment and bad for the mosquitoes.

Step Two

Stop by your local discount store and pick up a large container of mouthwash. Do not get any of the flavored mouthwashes for this technique to get rid of mosquitoes.

The best type of mouthwash to use to make your repellent mixture is the basic antiseptic mouthwash.

Step Three

Fill the plastic spray bottle half full of the antiseptic mouthwash. You can choose to use this repellent mixture at a more powerful strength if desired.

Finish filling the plastic spray bottle with cold water. Shake the container to mix the contents to get rid of mosquitoes.

Step Four

Spray the mosquito repellent mixture around the base of the pool, along the walls and under the deck. Thoroughly soak the area in the mosquito repellent mixture. Repeat the spraying process at least twice a day when you are outside enjoying your pool.


Carry a small spray bottle of this mosquito repellent to get rid of mosquitoes on the go. You can use this safe non toxic formula anywhere you go to keep these pests at bay.