Mosquito Squad Chemicals Used

Finding safe mosquito repellents is the best way forward in avoiding repellents that contain harmful chemicals and there are a few safe options that are available and can be used successfully.

Essential oils such as citronella, cedar, lemongrass, geranium and peppermint all provide a certain amount of protection.

Another product, the soybean oil based repellent was only able to provide approximately 1.5 hours of protection from mosquitoes.

However, preliminary studies undertaken have revealed that oil of eucalyptus a product that tends to provide a longer period of protection and is one of the ideal safe mosquito repellents.

In fact the oil of lemon eucalyptus has been favorably compared with the result of the lower concentration of the chemical based DEET repellent.

Over recent years another source in the form of skin patches which contain vitamin B1 (thiamine) has been introduced to the market.

This product resulted from a study carried out in the sixties, presenting that thiamine produces a skin odor that female mosquitoes detest.

However, these findings have yet to be confirmed as to whether this is an effective mosquito repellent or not.

Focusing on other types of products, particularly if you loathe having to wear sprays or lotions, then maybe one of the alternative new safe mosquito repellents is a welcome solution.

This product known as a mosquito trap works by emitting substances like carbon dioxide, heat and moisture that actually attract mosquitoes. Once the mosquitoes are attracted they are trapped and killed.

Another new product on the market is insect shield repellent apparel which is actually clothing instilled with permethrin, a chemical insecticide.

This is an ideal safe mosquito repellent for the outdoor enthusiast no matter what type of terrain from woods to jungles.

Because of the threat of disease that the mosquito continues to have on human beings, it is necessary to become aware of your surrounding back yard and ensure that it is efficiently maintained, kept clean and free from debris.

This will prevent pests invading and settling in your back yard and eliminate any breeding grounds which could otherwise serve as the perfect haven for the common mosquito.