Best Mosquito Natural Repellent

Enjoying the great outdoors is no fun when you have to battle the mosquitoes that buzz around biting you. The mosquitoes love to bite us and get a meal of our blood.

The mosquito is small and hard to see and they can zoom in for a quick meal before we ever know what is going on.

You can buy some commercial mosquito repellent to keep the mosquitoes away from you but they can be expensive and contain ingredients that are harmful. Or you can eat an orange.

The smell of an orange repels mosquitoes and keeps them away but it is hard to continually eat an orange. So the next time you are outside you can eat an orange and then rub the peel of the orange on your skin. The oil and the smell of the orange will keep the mosquitoes away.

You can do the same thing with a lemon. Mosquitoes do not like the smell of lemons and the lemon scent will also keep away mosquitoes.

Make a nice glass of fresh lemonade with a fresh lemon and then take the left over lemon peel and rub it onto your skin. The smell of the lemon will keep away the mosquitoes.

Lemon and oranges are also known to keep the gnats away. Gnats are those tiny bugs that buzz around your head when you are trying to enjoy the great outdoors.

Keep them away with some lemon or orange peels just like the mosquitoes. Eat the orange and they rub the peel of the orange on your skin. Or make lemon aid and rub the lemon peel on your skin to keep the mosquitoes away.

Using orange or lemons to keep the gnats and mosquitoes away from you when you are outside is a natural way to keep the bugs away.

You don’t have to spend money on any expensive mosquito or gnat repellent and you can eat the fruit before you use the peels.

It is economical to use the lemon or orange peels as mosquito and gnat repellent and it won’t hurt you or your children since lemons or orange peels are all natural.

Next time you are planning to be outdoors and you want to keep the mosquitoes away try to use some orange peels as a mosquito repellent.

Orange peels are natural and don’t cost much to use. After you rub the peel on your skin you can spread it on the ground where you are sitting to help keep the mosquitoes away.