Garlic Mosquito Repellent

The knowledge that garlic would repel vampires became a common truth after the publication of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.

But villagers had been using garlic as a repellant of vampires for decades previous, and the myth is still practiced today in superstitious European towns and countries, where the belief of vampires is still strong.

Many who have studied folklore have sought for reason and theory to explain why garlic would make a suitable repellant against the creatures of the night.

Of the various theories and ideas that have surfaced, the most common is that vampires have a heightened sense of smell, and the overly pungent scent of garlic is like an assault on the senses of the vampire, thus keeping him firmly at bay.

While the idea of using garlic as a repellant against vampires is strictly myth and folklore, it is interesting to note that garlic is also effective against two other real life bloodsuckers, the mosquito and the tick.

It has been known for some time that mosquitos either despise or are overwhelmed by the scent of garlic, and exposure to a high level of the toxins found in garlic can be deadly.

Several brands of garlic-based sprays and repellants are available for purchase. Some recommend spraying your yard so as to keep it mosquito free, and others are for individual protection, though it is hardly favorable to go around with a heavy scent of garlic on your person, or you may repel more than just mosquitos and vampires!

Garlic-based sprays are often used on parks, schools, and golf courses to keep them free of the pesky insects.

Herbalists and other knowledgeable sources claim that simply consuming a moderate amount of garlic every day will be enough to repel mosquitos.

Just as mosquitos are increasingly attracted to us when we sweat, they are suitably repelled when they sense the scent of garlic in our sweat and bloodstream. A tasty meal of fresh blood is not worth their life!

Studies have also shown that garlic is a natural repellant against ticks. The toxins in garlic are just as deadly for ticks as they are for mosquitos, and you will find that a yard sprayed with a garlic-based repellant will be free of ticks as well. Ticks who come into contact with the toxins and oils of the garlic sprays will be killed.

With the dangers of Lyme Disease from ticks and West Nile Virus from mosquitos so prevalent in today’s society, a reliable mosquito and tick repellant is an important necessity, for comfort, peace of mind, and health, as well as the enjoyment of summer.

Studies have shown that taking garlic pills or capsules each day can also effectively prevent mosquito and tick bites, though there is no proof that it will keep vampires away.