Keep Fleas And Ticks Out Of Yard

Preventing bugs and pests is easier than dealing with them once they have overrun your yard. And once they get into your house, doing it yourself is really no longer an option.

Once you have problems in your house, an exterminator is necessary. By following these suggestions, you can prevent bugs and pests in the yard before they enter your home.

Do not have standing water in the yard. Not only does this attract bugs and wildlife, but it also provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Hauling all of the junk laying in your yard to the dump not only gets rid of standing water, but it also helps to prevent pests since there will be fewer places in your yard for mice to make a home.

Now, this doesn’t mean not to always have water available for your outside pets. To prevent standing water problems, simply change your pet’s water frequently.

If you have a swimming pool, be sure to keep it clean. Otherwise, you’re not only providing a breeding place for mosquitoes, but you’re also attracting snakes, frogs, etc. Not to mention thirsty wildlife in general.

Keep your lawn weed free since some weeds attract bees. Keeping the grass cut will also deter some problems such as snakes. Speaking of the lawn, give a lot of forethought as to what you want to plant before doing so.

Some flowers and bushes attract bees, June bugs, lady bugs, etc. But more than that, fruit trees and vegetable gardens attract deer.

Some deer carry hundreds of ticks on them and they’ll drop them in your yard as they pass through. If you really want to have a vegetable garden, have a fence around it so the deer do not return to eat.

(This will also help to keep rabbits from eating up your garden.) Spraying the fruit trees and your vegetable garden will also help to prevent bugs.

Speaking of food, another way to deter insects and animals is not to dump leftover food and scraps in the yard.

Spraying your lawn is another way to prevent bugs. While there are many sprays on the market, Ortho makes a fine line of yard sprays.

First, I tried their Home Defense spray that’s mostly meant for indoors, but can also be used on the perimeter of your home.

To keep bugs away from the windows, I used the Ortho Home Defense spray on the windows. Now, I do not hear bugs hitting against the windows at night trying to get in because the lights are on. It’s a great product.

My favorite Ortho brand spray is the Ortho Max “Bug B Gone” Lawn and Garden Insect Killer (in the red container) that hooks up to the water-hose.

While using the spray, I could see the bugs evaluating the yard. Since using this product, I’ve seen a real difference in my yard. Ortho also makes a spray to deter mosquitoes, but I haven’t tried it yet. However, I do plan to in the future.

Please follow all label directions exactly. When using lawn sprays, all outside pets need to be locked up until the lawn dries to prevent them from being exposed to it.