Dunks Mosquito Control

Everybody loves spring and summer. The warmer weather, the chirping birds, the blooming flowers, and the biting mosquitoes. Well, maybe not that last one.

Unfortunately, with spring and summer comes mosquitoes, and these pests can certainly be a major nuisance if they happen to have populated in an area close to your home, or even in your own yard.

There is an abundance of products designed to repel and kill mosquitoes, from candles to sprays to clip on fans.

However, if you want to stop mosquitoes at the source and eliminate the need for all those other products, then mosquito dunks are the way to go.

Mosquito dunks are organically produced tablets that are meant to be placed in any body of water in which mosquitoes larvae might be produced.

This includes marshy areas, bird baths, small ponds, water troughs, and basically any area of standing water.

One particular brand of mosquito dunks manufactured by Summit Chemical is popular, because in addition to its effectiveness in eliminating mosquitoes, it is also OMRI listed for organic use and contains no dangerous chemicals.

These mosquito dunks are also odorless, and are effective against other types of insects as well, including aphids, leaf beetle larvae, spider mites, and many other insects.

These criteria make mosquito dunks a safe and viable option for protecting garden plants and fruit trees from insects. Mosquito dunks can typically be purchased at garden centers and hardware stores.