Cutter Family Mosquito Wipes

Living in Alaska, our mosquito’s are so bad that people jokingly refer to them as the Alaska State Bird! I’ve lived all over the United States, but I have never seen so many mosquito’s as we have up here.

They make the normal everyday chores nearly impossible.

I purchased these mosquito wipes for my kids, thinking that they would be easier to apply without getting bug dope their eyes. I didn’t think I would use them when I bought them, but I use them all the time!!

They come packaged 20 wipes to a small container. The wipes are 5″ x 8.5″, and conveniently pop up through a snap on lid.

They are easily removed one at a time, and tear off nicely when pulled out at an angle. I don’t like the smell of spray style bug dope, so I wondered what kind of a scent these would have, but it really isn’t bad at all, it’s actually kind of pleasant.

After removing the protective foil from the top of the container, you simply pull up the center towelette and thread it through the open flap in the lid. Walla! You’re done.

I really put these to the test last weekend. I was trying to water and care for my flowers and ferns in our back yard, but I was being swarmed by so many mosquito’s that I was forced indoors.

I went into our laundry room and got out the plastic container of Cutter Mosquito Wipes and spread them all over my face and arms. The wipes were still quite wet when I was done, so I spread them across my clothing. It worked quite well!

I returned to my outside work, and I didn’t get bit once by those darn mosquito’s! Not once. And they weren’t swarming around me like before.

They work well for the little ones, since they are so easy to apply. When I used the spray cans, I was always worried about getting the spray in their eyes, or on their hands.

I worry about kids getting it on their hands and then putting them in their mouths. The wipes help me to control exactly where I want the bug repellant to go! If you are concerned about protecting your head, you can do as I do.

I take a baseball type cap and wipe it down with the Cutter Wipes. This is quite effective.

The container states that they will provide protection for up to two hours from not only mosquito’s but biting flies as well.

They do contain DEET, and there have been warnings about this ingredient over the last few years. I have found, personally, that if I don’t use DEET the products are not nearly as effective. The ingredients are: 7.15% DEET, 92.85% Other Ingredients.

There are some precautions and warnings to follow, such as do not apply near eyes and mouth, and use sparingly around ears.

Don’t use on skin that is broken, irritated, or sunburned skin. When you come back inside, it is recommended that you wash it off your body and clean clothing that have been treated with it. It will not damage cotton, wool or nylon fabrics.

I can attest to the effectiveness of this product. It works! It will continue to be a staple in our home as well as in our backpacks when we are out camping. I wouldn’t be outside without it.