Mosquito Repellent Clip On Review

Mosquitoes love me! I hate them! It’s been that way since I was a child. I have tried every home remedy/store bought repellent that’s been making the rounds since the 1950’s.

I know that DEET works ok but I have concerns about it being absorbed through the skin and its future ramifications.

Recently I began noticing the ads for OFF!’s Clip-On Repellent. Their promises intrigued me so I thought I would give it my own trial tests to see if it works. Here are the results:

How Does It Work?

The device is a plastic teardrop-shaped unit that has a clip which slides over a waistband or belt. Within is a small battery-powered fan..

You must insert one of the mosquito repellent refills into the device, being sure to follow all packaging directions.

When turned on, the fan blows the repellent into the air, thus creating an invisible “cloud” of insect protection.

Active Chemical Ingredient:



Cost will vary anywhere from $7.99-$13.99, depending on store.

What It Comes With:

The package includes 2 AA batteries, 1 unit of insect repellent. Each refill lasts 12 hours. Best to replace the refill in the unit after 14 days .


After assembling the clip-on according to instructions, I decided to go outside at dusk when I knew the mosquitoes would be swarming heavily.

I attached the fan to the my waistband and waited until I heard and felt the familiar presence of mosquitoes. I turned it on and waited…

I was amazed! No bites even after 10 minutes! Next I placed it on the table beside where I was sitting. After 10 minutes, no bites.

I decided to see how effective it was as I walked around the yard. After 10 minutes I had 2 mosquito bites on my ankle.

Considering my movement in regard to the effectiveness of the product, it wasn’t bad. It seemed to offer better protection to the upper body when walking.


No skin application; Odorless; Quiet fan,; Effective in repelling mosquitoes; Easy to use; Refillable.


High price for refills; works best when stationary; clip has a tendency to pull off; difficult to remove from plastic; very little information on the hazards of breathing in Metofluthrin.


I would definitely recommend Off! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent. Even though the unit and refills are a little pricey, it is much better than covering your skin with the chemicals in DEET.

It’s also nice not having to shower each night to remove the DEET before going to bed.