Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping

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Camping is one of the best experiences you can have. There are so many ways to do it. When you go camping, whether you’re setting up in the middle of the wilderness or just outside your RV, you’re reconnecting with the world. You get a chance to disconnect from all the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

You might go kayaking or canoeing at your campsite. You might end up hiking, exploring, or going on other adventures. Camping is an activity that involves a lot of outside time. And biting insects like ticks and mosquitoes can ruin it so quickly, especially if you’re in a place that’s infested with them.

Mosquitoes in particular are hard to avoid. They thrive in humid and warm areas, especially during the spring and summer. If your campsite is near a swamp or otherwise damp area, the chances of mosquito activity are even higher. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your adventures because some pests are getting in the way.

Best Mosquito Repellent Device for Camping

ProductType of ProductWeight or VolumeMethod of Repelling
#1. Tiki
Our Best Pick

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Torch fuel100 ouncesCitronella and cedar
#2. Odoland

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Lantern/fan combo1.2 pounds18 LED bulbs
#3. Sawyer Products Deet

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Spray2 poundsDEET
#4. Sawyer Products Picaridin

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Lotion4 poundsPicaridin

Fortunately, you can combat the annoying presence of bugs as long as you prepare. The basics are the same for every situation. You should get an effective insect repellent and wear clothes that cover as much skin as possible. When purchasing insect repellent, make sure you get one with active ingredients approved by the CDC. Since you’ll be outdoors for a while, look for repellents with formulas that don’t require frequent reapplication.

There are other products you can buy as well, though. Some of the items you pack can serve practical camping purposes while also repelling mosquitoes. In addition to sprays, you can bring insect repelling lotions. If you’re carrying a burning lantern, invest in fuel that gives off anti-mosquito scents. Make sure that you have some kind of mosquito netting protecting your sleeping bag or cot, especially if you don’t have a closed tent.

#1. Tiki Brand Bitefighter Torch Fuel

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This torch fuel can work with every Tiki-brand table torch and regular torch. Since it’s Bitefighter fuel rather than an original formula, the ingredients are specifically formulated to keep mosquitoes away. The main components of the fuel are cedar and citronella, which both repel mosquitoes by confusing their sense of smell.

Unlike sprays and lotions, you don’t place this insect repellent on your skin. Instead, you burn it. The torch offers heat and light, and the insect repelling is an added bonus. It’s easy to pour the bottle into Tiki brand torches. Just one bottle of this fuel can fill a full eight 12-ounce canisters of the torches. The bottle works best with canisters that have wide mouths.

#2. Odoland Portable LED Lantern and Ceiling Fan

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This is a nifty contraption from Odoland that’s helpful for a variety of different circumstances. It can be incorporated into a hurricane emergency survival disaster relief kit, and you can also bring it with you when you go camping. The lantern provides enough light for you to navigate by, and it also has a fan to keep you cool and keep the air moving around you.

If you’re at a campsite deep in the wilderness, or even just a little off the beaten path, you probably don’t have artificial light at your disposal. You might be able to see by the moon and stars, depending on how cloudy it is and how much sky is visible. But it’s best to have something that you can rely upon. Humans aren’t well adapted to functioning in total darkness, and trying to do so can be dangerous.

The lantern doesn’t use actual fuel to burn, so it may be a better light source if you don’t have permission to light up a tiki torch. Unlike normal flashlights, this lantern is designed with a whopping 18 individual LED bulbs with ultra brightness.

The other component of the product is the fan. It incorporates a ceiling fan that can be used on a low or high setting. When you’re in your tent, using the fan helps to promote better air circulation. The combination of the adjustable handle, moving stand, and hanging hook mean that you can set the product virtually anywhere.

It can hang from the ceiling of the tent as a reading lamp, or it can sit on the floor as a table fan, or it can be held in your hand as a portable flashlight. The design is far more versatile than a traditional flashlight.

In addition to being practical and versatile, it’s also portable and compact. The fan blade is just four inches in diameter, with the entire product being twenty inches in length. Each piece is made from military-grade materials, allowing for long-term durability regardless of your location.

The lantern is created to be as lightweight as possible, so it doesn’t burden you if you add it to your supplies. You can collapse the lantern into a much more compact size when it’s not being used, which makes storage effortless.

If there’s a high enough battery capacity, the device can provide 37 hours of continuous light. By using two D batteries, the fan can continue working on its highest speed for five hours, and the low speed mode can last for 15 hours. The LED lights can last for 20 hours.

The fan and the lights can both help to deter mosquitoes.

#3. Sawyer Products Maxi-DEET Insect Repellent

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Sawyer Products is one of the top leaders in insect repellents, especially repellents for campers and adventurers. This two-ounce bottle of pump spray uses DEET as the main active ingredient. DEET has been approved in insect repelling for the past 50 years. It has been certified as safe by the FDA and endorsed as the strongest mosquito repellent available by the CDC.

DEET helps to confuse the sense of smell of a mosquito. It can’t sense the human behind the barrier. This chemical ingredient was actually developed by the United States military originally. Though it shouldn’t be used in infants under two months of age, and it should be used sparingly with young children in high concentrations, it is considered safe for use.

Some people have experienced rare neurological symptoms when exposed to DEET, so you should always test it if you’ve never used it before. If you’re going to react, it’s better to have a reaction at home than in the middle of the woods.

Despite having a 98 percent concentration of DEET, the formula is supposed to be low-odor. It will still have a strong scent, though. 98 percent concentrations of DEET aren’t necessary unless you’re in an area that’s dangerously infested with bugs. However, if you’re camping in swampy areas, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

#4. Sawyer Products Picaridin Insect Repellent

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This is another ideal insect repellent offered by Sawyer Products. Rather than using DEET, it utilizes a 20 percent concentration of Picaridin. Picaridin is a chemical that was approved to repel insects in 2005.

Since then, it has become the next most popular active ingredient in insect repellents aside from DEET. If you have health concerns about DEET, this makes a great alternative. In addition, studies have shown that Picaridin can repel ticks more effectively than DEET.

Final Thoughts

If you’re using a lantern or torch with a burning flame, you might as well add mosquito-repelling fuel to it. That will give you heat and light along with an additional bonus. The Tiki Bitefighter torch fuel is specifically formulated with cedar and citronella, which repels mosquitoes.

It can also help to invest in a combination of a fan and a light. The low powered lights allow you to see when you navigate around your campsite, and the fan can help to blow mosquitoes away and confuse their sense of smell. It can also help to keep you cool if the night is humid and hot.

A good insect repelling spray is the Maxi DEET spray from Sawyer Products. This spray comes with a 98 percent DEET concentration, one of the highest on the market. It’s specifically created for situations with dangerously high insect infestations. If you’re camping in a swampy or damp area, you’ll be happy to have it on hand should there be more insects than you expected.

Meanwhile, the lotion with 20 percent Picaridin is another good insect repellent from Sawyer Products. Picaridin is the most favored alternative to DEET. It has been shown to repel mosquitoes almost as well as DEET, and it actually repels ticks better than DEET, so it’s great if you’re walking hiking trails with long grasses.

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