Best Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent

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Mosquito bites can become irritating, especially after you begin to scratch them. Their bites can also pose a health risk if the mosquito is carrying a disease. That makes mosquito repellents an important part of your pest control indoors as well as outside.

Traditional repellents require the use of harsh chemicals that make contact with your skin, however, new technology is providing electronic and ultrasonic alternatives. But, which products are considered the best electronic and ultrasonic mosquito repellent? Let’s take a closer look and find one that fit your needs.

Best Electronic Mosquito Repellent

Product NameModel TypeProduct Mobility
#1. Thermacell
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#2. Arudge

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#3. Hoont

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#4. Off!

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#5. Gloue

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Do Electronic Mosquito Repellents Really Work?

While these products are gaining a lot of popularity among consumers across the globe, the final verdict still appears to be out in regard to their effectiveness. The results of scientific tests have yet to demonstrate consistent results that are conclusive. These tests are limited in scope as they generate limited conditions that consumers will experience outside of the lab.

With that being said, many consumers report great success when using electronic or ultrasonic repellents. A variety of designs continue to flood the market, and the information below is offered so that you can make a more educated decision before you buy.

What Are Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellents?

These types of devices use sound frequencies to force mosquitos from the broadcast area. Frequencies below 15 kHz do not appear to work at all, making the threshold at least 16 kHz or higher. Higher levels appear to create better results than lower ultrasonic levels do.

Ultrasonic apps that are available on cell phones usually transmit at lower levels, making dedicated ultrasonic devices more effective as they are capable of creating higher frequencies that reach greater distances.

What Are Electronic Mosquito Repellents?

Electronic repellent models will often create an airborne repellent or an electric charge. Electronic devices that create repellents in the air will often use heat to produce repellent in an area around the unit. These designs have a farther reach then a zapper does, but they can be limited by moving air outdoors.

Units that create electric charges will zap mosquitos as they approach the charged components or touch their surface. While these products have a limited reach, they are effective against insects that enter the charge area. It should be noted that these products will kill mosquitos and will not repel them.

Five Products To Consider

#1. Thermacell MR150 Portable Mosquito Repeller

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The MR150 is designed to heat up small mats that contain the mosquito repellent. This substance is DEET-free, offering you a product that is safer to use than many traditional mosquito repellent products. It has a large button for easy operation and is simple to open when you have to replace the repellent sheets.

  • This product uses a fuel source that does not require heat, making it safe to use for most family members and in a variety of situations
  • Can create a 15-foot zone of protection that will last up to 12 hours, features that work well in many outdoor settings
  • The unit is compact in size so it is easy to carry and comes in a variety of colors that allows you more options for looks
  • The unit includes only three insect repellent mats, each of which will only last a few hours before they need to be replaced with another sheet
  • As this model generates a repellent barrier by air, it can be limited in its effectiveness by movement or a gust of wind

#2. Arudge Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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Arudge offers an ultrasonic model that generates higher level ultrasonic waves that are irritating to pests. The manufacturer is confident in this product’s efficiency if placed in an area that can effectively broadcast. A lack of chemical components to be used as the repellent makes this a toxic-free solution that may be desirable for a child’s room or in other areas they frequent.

  • This product works off of sound, so you will not have to worry about unwanted chemicals or odors in your home
  • It operates silently since the frequencies that it generates cannot be detected by the human ear, making it a good option when you are sleeping
  • The manufacturer provides you with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, so you have the option for a full refund if the device does not work to your satisfaction
  • While this model is compact in size, it needs a standard house outlet to plug into for power
  • As this unit is designed for indoor use, it provides no water resistance and may not be a good option for patios or decks

#3. Hoont 1 Powerful Indoor Electric Zapper Trap

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This large unit offers a strong light source designed to attract a variety of pests, including mosquitos. Once they move past the protective cage, this device will zap the insects quickly so they cannot cause further irritation. The model can be used inside or outdoors.

  • Each of the 40-watt bulbs that this product uses helps to generate some the strongest light attraction available for a product that can be used indoors as well as outside
  • The design includes a cage covering, protecting pets and people from accidentally touching the bulbs located in the housing
  • Two extra 40-watt bulbs are included with the zapper trap, allowing you to have extra bulbs on hand in the event of a bulb burning out
  • This unit has a rather large footprint due to its ability to broadcast in four directions, adding extra weight to the overall design
  • It has the ability to generate excessive heat if left on for long periods of time due to the type of lights that are used in the housing

#4. OFF! Clip-on Mosquito Repellent Fan

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This clip-on model offers coverage for a person through the use of a fan that circulates the repellent from the interior chamber. While its protection is limited as you move around, it is capable of offering maximum coverage quickly once the unit is stationary. Batteries supply power, allowing this unit to function while you are on the go outdoors.

  • This product comes with two units in the package, allowing you to provide extra coverage on one person or standard coverage for two people
  • Each unit is powered by a single AAA battery and can generate power for up to 12-hours of protection
  • Off! makes use of metofluthrin, a chemical compound that can help to repel up to 90-percent of the mosquitos in your area
  • The clip-on design will struggle to generate an even barrier of repellent as the fan pushes the compounds in only one direction
  • This design does not create a strong seal, something that will allow the repellent to evaporate over a two-week period

#5. GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb

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This two-in-one bulb can provide you with light, mosquito protection, or both. The blue-violet light reaches ranges that will attract insects, including mosquitos. It will last for a long time as it does not require chemical refills.

  • This model is easy to install, you simply have to screw it into a light bulb socket
  • It has three operating modes that include lightbulb, zapper, or a combination of bot
  • A 45-degree slope is built into the design, helping to keep mosquitos from falling onto the floor
  • As this is a bulb design, it will take up a light bulb fixture in order to receive power
  • You may have to use a lamp in order to place the light source in a space that will provide effective coverage

Best Electronic/Ultrasonic Repellent

The Thermacell MR150 will provide you with the best protection against mosquitos. It is portable, allowing you to use it inside and outdoors over a variety of locations. A heating unit activates the DEET-free chemicals used to keep mosquitos away for up to 12 hours.

This unit creates a barrier up to 15 feet away in all directions, giving you room to move around.

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