Best Solar Powered Mosquito Zapper

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A bug zapper is a device that uses electricity to kill mosquitoes and other winged insects. It uses bright light bulbs to attract the insects, but when they make contact with the bulb, they become electrocuted. Most models of bug zapper run with the electricity on your normal electric bill. But solar-powered ones convert sunlight into electricity instead.

Solar bug zappers are usually designed with a solar panel laid flat on top, which allows it to soak up the maximum amount of sunlight. This allows the zapper to be particularly effective if you put it in a place that receives a moderate to strong amount of sunlight. Ideally, there will be no obstructions or very few obstructions blocking the path between the sun and the panels.

Every solar panel model is able to soak up energy when the sun is shining. There are also models that will collect sunlight throughout the day and store it as battery power, so that they can continue to move during the night. These models might also use UV bulbs attached to the battery. When night falls, the model will automatically turn its UV light on.

Best Solar Powered Mosquito Zappers

ProductNumber of LED BulbsCertificationsRuntime
#1. Sandalwood NK63
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8CE, FCC, RoHS certified15 hours
#2. Yier

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3Certified energy conservation8 hours
#3. Solaric

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1Certified energy conservation12 hours

What to Consider When Making Your Purchase Decision

There are a variety of factors that will influence your purchasing decision. Different designs have different benefits and drawbacks. There’s no single design that will work for every single individual.

Purpose of the Device

You should know before you make a purchasing decision what the device will be used for. You should also know where you’ll be using it. For example, if you want a portable zapper model that can be brought with you to a campsite, you’ll need to look for different specifications than if you want a permanent model inside your home.

Indoor zappers often need to be lightweight and portable so they can be moved from room to room with ease. For permanent fixtures, you’ll want something that’s more solid. Some solar models are created specifically to fit RVs, and they won’t work for your home or yard. But if you have a trailer and live in a mosquito-infested area, this kind of model is a necessity.

Price Range

There are a number of different kinds of solar bug zapper. Different designs come with different features, sizes, and capabilities. The price is extremely variable. Do some research so you can get a sense of what features you need in your model. Then narrow down your list to models that contain your ideal features. This will give you a better sense of what price you’re looking at.

Sunlight Absorption

Where you position your zapper will affect the amount of light it absorbs. You shouldn’t put the zapper in a place that’s in shadow most of the day, and you shouldn’t keep it from getting direct sunlight. Before you make your purchase, you should know where you plan to put the device. Make sure you double-check the dimensions of your chosen model to ensure it will fit.

Targeted Bugs

Though zappers do an excellent job at eliminating mosquitoes and other biting insects, they may kill bugs that have a beneficial effect on your yard. Bug zappers don’t discriminate between pests and pollinators. As the zapper kills mosquitoes and black flies, it can also kill ladybugs and moths and butterflies.

You should do research before you buy a model to find out what kind of bugs are attracted. If the model kills every insect in the yard, you might want to pass; getting rid of pollinators will cause your lawn and gardens to die.


Once you have a sense of what the zapper is used for, where it will be positioned, and what features you want it to include, you can worry about the aesthetic. Solar zappers are meant to be displayed in sunny parts of your yard or garden. This means that they should enhance the view.

Many designs have different aesthetic elements. In fact, most solar panel designs aren’t ugly. You’ll just need to determine what kind of style suits your personal taste the most.

#1. Sandalwood NK63 UV Bug Zapper

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This UV bug zapper is one of the best on the market, though it also tends to be one of the priciest. The lantern design can go with most outdoor yard and garden aesthetics. In addition to the UV lamp that kills bugs, there’s a garden lamp powered with eight bright LED lights.

This offers aesthetic appeal and illumination for your patio, walkway, garden, or yard. Because the light comes from solar energy, the lamp doesn’t have a marked impact on your electricity bill. At the same time, the UV light attracts mosquitoes and other winged insects, and the electric zapper kills them.

The integrated solar panel on the top is constantly charging when the lamp is exposed to sunlight. There’s also a UL charger included for times when the solar power itself isn’t enough.

The lamp’s design includes a hanging string. You can either set it flat on the ground, set it on the railing of your porch, or hang it from any number of areas. If you live in an apartment with a small balcony, the hanging string can help you install the lamp there. Also included is a garden stake to let you install the lamp in the garden.

In addition to the UV lamp attracting, the Sandalwood has an additional layer of attraction to mosquitoes. The product emits a 365-nanometer wavelength, which causes mosquitoes to be more attracted to the light. Also featured is a clean and easy bug removal solution. The bottom of the device has a tray that can be removed and emptied.

The total range of the lamp is more than 3,000 square feet. It can handle most or all of your yard and porch, unless you have an exceptionally large estate.

#2. Yier Solar-Powered Outdoor Insect Killer

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This is another excellent and charming solar-powered bug zapper. Like the Sandalwood, the Yier zapper doubles as a lamp during the night. The light automatically turns on at night and switches off during the day to allow charging.

The zapper doesn’t use any poisons, pesticides, odors, or other potentially hazardous materials. It is safe to use around children and pets. Installation takes around two minutes, and the design is both heat-resistant and waterproof, so it can stand up to multiple types of weather.

The light comes with two modes. If you want illumination, you can use the white light and conserve energy. To employ the bug zapper, you’ll switch to the purple light, which uses more battery but also attracts more insects.

There’s a 30 day money-back guarantee included with this option.

#3. Solario Solar Powered Zapper

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This bug zapper functions as both a garden lamp and a zapper. It doesn’t have the same levels of illumination as the other two, though, so you shouldn’t rely on this zapper to illuminate your path.

The zapper automatically recharges when exposed to sunlight, automatically turns on at dusk, and automatically turns off in the morning. Maintenance is easy, and installation takes only minutes. Since the lamp is made with durable ABS plastic, it should stand up to any climate and weather for years.

Final Thoughts

In many ways, the Sandalwood design is the cream of the crop. It doubles as a garden lamp and insect killer. With just one full charge, the device can run for up to fifteen hours. Other models tend to run for six to eight hours, with twelve hours being in the upper range. The Sandalwood uses multiple LED bulbs and a UV light to attract insects.

The Yier zapper is a great choice if you want the charming aesthetic of a lamppost. It also functions as both a nighttime light and a bug zapper. By choosing between the white and purple lighting, you can use it exclusively as a lamp or run the insect-killing capabilities. This allows you to conserve energy when you don’t need to use the full energy of the zapper.

The Solario model is the most portable and versatile model on the list. You can choose from three different setup options, so it can suit a variety of different needs. In addition, it’s completely wireless and runs on battery power, so you don’t have to worry about running cables through your home.

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