Best Mosquito Zapper Reviews

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Mosquitoes are a serious concern for people in the United States. There are a number of debilitating and potentially deadly viruses that mosquitoes can carry. In addition, they’re annoying and make your skin itch. A mosquito zapper is a tool that can remove mosquitoes from the area without you needing to use an insect repellent.

Some people prefer the convenience of a bug zapper, especially when they’re using it in controlled areas like their porch or patio. If you want to sit on your porch rocking chair, it would be nice not to need to douse yourself in bug spray every time. That’s the dream that bug zappers aim to make reality.

On top of convenience, mosquito zappers are often safer for human use than insect repellents. All safety precautions should be followed, and the zappers should be kept away from children and pets. But insect repellents are often saturated with chemicals, allergens, and pesticides that can have detrimental effects on your health.

Best Indoor And Outdoor Mosquito Zapper On The Market

ProductArea of CoverageOutdoor or IndoorBulb Wattage
#1. Flowtron
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43,560 sq ftOutdoor only40 watts
#2. Hoont Trap

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6,000 sq ftIndoor or dry outdoor20 watts
#3. Hoont Electric

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600 sq ftIndoor only7 watts

#1. Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer

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This is the best bug zapper on the market. Not only will it work for mosquitoes, but it will also attract a number of other flying insects. Just one zapper provides enough coverage to remove bugs from an entire acre. That’s more than 40,000 square feet!

The zapper is created exclusively for use outdoors. There are a variety of different situations in which it can be useful. Venue coordinators can place the zapper in outdoor festival and concert venues to reduce the amount of bugs around. Farmers can also benefit from the zapper, as they can place it near their crops and animals to protect them from insect damage.

The zapper is designed with a non-clogging killing grid. Since it doesn’t clog, it’s easy to clean. Some other zappers have designs that need frequent cleaning. This is also one of the most powerful zappers on the market, utilizing a 40 watt bulb to attract insects from an acre around. If you don’t have a full acre of land that you want to rid of insects, you might want to opt for a less powerful and more affordable option.

In addition, there isn’t any complicated setup required. The mosquito zapper is ready to go as soon as you turn it on. It continues to function uninterrupted, keeping your grounds free from pesky mosquitoes and other insects. You might not even need to clean the product at all, since the design is made to feature UV light and maintenance-free electric grid work.

You can either purchase the zapper on its own or purchase it alongside an optional attractant. The Octenol attractant helps to improve effectiveness by drawing in more insect species from further distances.

The remains of the insects fall onto the ground and decompose. You don’t need to empty any baskets or clear the grid. Since the zapper contains no pesticides or environment-harming chemicals, the insects won’t cause harmful substances to leak into the soil. That’s another thing that makes this option ideal for farmers.

The normal purchase comes with a free 30-day supply of the Octenol attractant. You can always give it a try and decide whether you want to purchase more later. Also included in the package is a high intensity UV bulb with a 15 watt rating.

Another thing making this the best bug zapper on the market is the the construction. The goal of the design is that you can plug the zapper in and then never need to worry about it again. There’s no regular cleaning or maintenance. To that end, the product is made of sturdy materials, including weatherproof polycarbonate. No matter what kind of climate you live in, the zapper will not crack, fade, or rust over time.

When the bulb does burn out, replacing it is easy. You don’t need any tools. Replacing the bulb should be the only maintenance you ever need to do. And the cost of bulb replacements is much lower than the ongoing cost of chemical insecticides. The energy-efficient design costs just pennies each day to operate, so you don’t have to worry about the product negatively impacting your light bill.

#2. Hoont Iectric Indoor Zapper Trap Catcher

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Some people are looking for a zapper that will work indoors. If that’s the case, the previous item on the list won’t work well. But this is one of the most versatile models on the market. It can protect up to 6,000 square feet from mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs. This means that it should be able to protect most people’s yards, porches, and indoor spaces.

The design uses no odors, chemicals, or pesticides. It’s also maintenance free. All you need to do is plug it in, and the zapper will immediately go to work. Because the area of operation is several thousand feet, this zapper is also a great choice for people in industrial environments, offices, restaurants, kitchens, schools, or even hospitals. It’s safe enough to protect against itchy bites and disease without causing health repercussions.

The fly zapper comes with two high-intensity UV bulbs that reach 10 watts. They’re very effective at attracting flying insects. There’s no limit to the number of insects that the zapper can kill.

The zapper includes a detachable chain so that you can mount it on the wall or let it stand on the floor. This is a great feature for people with pets and young children who should be kept away from the zapper. The bottom of the unit has a tray that the dead insect bodies fall into. It’s easy to remove the tray and empty it.

This is a product that’s safe to operate at all times. You don’t need to monitor it or to be home when it’s running. The electric grid is made to be easily-cleaned.

Though the unit is designed for large indoor spaces, it can be used outdoors as long as it stays dry. You shouldn’t put it anywhere that it might experience weather or sprinklers, but it can help to rid porches and patios and other outdoor areas with ceilings of insects.

#3. Hoont Powerful Electric Indoor Bug Zapper

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This bug zapper covers the lowest amount of square footage on the list, coming in at just 600 square feet. Since it’s only a tenth of the previous entry, you may think that that’s not impressive. But there’s a good chance your porch or patio area isn’t larger than 600 square feet. In fact, the bug zapper can protect the majority of most average-sized apartments.

The previous zapper was optimized for use in industrial and commercial areas. You can also use this one in commercial and industrial areas, but it will perform most efficiently in residential homes. People who have been looking for an indoor bug zapper to get rid of the mosquitoes flying through the windows: This is your best bet. You shouldn’t have to fear opening your windows and enjoying a summer night.

Like the other entries on the list, this mosquito zapper is free of odors, chemicals, and pesticides. It’s a much safer and cleaner way to remove insects from your living area. You don’t want to use pesticides inside your home, so this makes a great alternative.

The lower square footage is due to a lower bulb wattage. While this lantern-style fly zapper also uses a high-intensity UV light bulb, the wattage reaches only 7 watts. You will have the opportunity to replace the UV bulb when it burns out. This zapper’s design has undergone a few upgrades since its first introduction, allowing it to perform with maximum efficiency.

Final Thoughts

The best bug zapper for mosquitoes varies based on your needs. You should keep in mind where you intend to use the zapper, how much power it needs, how often you’ll be using it, and how effective it is.

The Flowtron is the best mosquito zapper on the market. It can cover a full acre, making it wonderful for large outdoor areas and venues. However, it can’t be used indoors.

The Hoont Trap is a great choice if you want a zapper that’s versatile enough to use both outdoors and indoors. If you use it outdoors, just make sure it doesn’t get wet. It can cover up to 6,000 square feet.

For those seeking an indoor bug zapper to use in smaller areas, the Hoont Electric has a 600 square foot radius. It’s also free of odors, chemicals, and pesticides, so you can use it in areas like your kitchen and even hospitals.

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