Best Mosquito Repellent Patch and Sticker

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Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying pests in the world, closely followed by all the other biting insects that accompany them. But they shouldn’t ruin your enjoyment of the spring and summer, no matter how buggy your home gets. It’s important to invest in good insect repellent to stay safe. But there’s a way to inject a little family fun into the mosquito repelling: mosquito patches!

Mosquito patches are a unique type of mosquito repellent usually formulated for kids. With that said, adults can use the funky and fun designs to ward off the insects too. Each patch is infused with a type of mosquito repellent. The patches are pressed onto paper sheets like rows of stickers, and when you want to use them, you just stick them wherever you want them.

Best Mosquito Repellent Patches and Stickers

ProductNumber of Stickers in PackNon-Toxic
#1. MosquitoKiller
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#2. Squito Guard

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#3. Janolia

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The potency of patches will vary depending on how they’re made, how much repellent they’re infused with, and the type of repellent being used. Because stickers and patches will end up on your child’s skin and clothing, you want the repellent to be safe for use.

DEET, the most common insect repellent on the market, isn’t safe to use on clothing and equipment because it can cause staining and damage. Many other chemicals can be harmful to children’s skin because they’re synthetic and can cause allergic reactions. When you’re choosing a mosquito repellent patch, the first place you should look is at natural, plant-based repellents.

#1. MosquitoKiller Natural Mosquito Repellent Patches

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These patches from MosquitoKiller are a great choice if you want a large number of stickers that are bright and cheerful. There are sixty bright yellow, circular patches in each of the sets. The patches are designed to be used by every member of the family so that they can repel all kinds of midges, mosquitoes, flies, and other flying pests.

Each of the patches is easy to use. The solid yellow design of the patches makes them bright, cheerful, and hard to miss. You can discreetly stick patches to surfaces if you don’t want to have a bright yellow beacon on your outfit. While each patch is primarily meant to be worn on either a person’s skin or their clothing, they can also be applied to a variety of surfaces. You can make the stickers adhere to beds, cots, tables, push chairs, backpacks, and other areas you want to ward mosquitoes away from.

All of the patches are non-toxic. The majority of mosquito repellent products on the market use DEET, a synthetic chemical, but these patches are DEET-free. There have been some safety concerns regarding the ways that DEET can affect a person’s nervous system in too-high doses. The lack of DEET helps keep your children safer, and it also ensures that your clothing and equipment don’t get ruined.

Rather than using DEET, every patch is infused with mosquito repellent created out of natural plant oils. These are the perfect stickers to bring with you when you go hiking, fishing, hunting, or camping. Insect repellent stickers are fun and eliminate the need to constantly reapply bug spray. Even better — since they use essential oils instead of DEET, they smell nice instead of having the awful “bug spray” smell everyone hates.

The manufacturer offers a no-risk guarantee regarding these stickers. Should anyone be anything less than totally satisfied, they will receive either a replacement or full refund.

#2. Squito Guard Premium Mosquito Repellent Patches

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These are another option for mosquito repelling patches. In many ways, they’re very similar to the previous patches on the list. They’re also solid-colored, round disks that come in sixty patches to a pack. The biggest difference is that these patches are a bright green color instead of a bright yellow.

Like the other patches, the Squito Guard patches all use natural plant-based repellent protection rather than synthetic chemicals. They’re completely DEET free. In addition, they’re non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe for kids to use. Each sticker in a pack can last for up to 72 hours at a time! By contrast, bug sprays and lotions have to be reapplied every four to twelve hours, depending on the brand.

Because the patches use plant-based repellent rather than chemical, it’s safe to use several patches at once if you’re dealing with an area that’s heavily infested with mosquitoes. Slapping on a few more patches is easier than trying to use mosquito spray, especially since the spray can easily blow into your eyes and mouth.

The patches are designed for use with basically any outdoor activity. No matter whether you’re raking, mowing the lawn, tailgating, fishing, gardening, camping, or hiking, you can use the repellent in the patches to ward mosquitoes away. The patches have the advantage of being less bulky than netting, less messy than spray, and safer than candles.

Since the mosquito repellent is free of insecticides, it’s safe for both adults and babies to use. The FDA has determined that DEET is safe for everyone over two months of age. These mosquito patches might be safe to use on children who are even younger than two months, but you should always double check with their pediatrician first.

The sticker uses a blend of repellent essential oils. Each package is shipped in a vacuum-sealed and zip-locked bag to make sure the stickers stay fresh. Once you’ve unpeeled a sticker and placed it somewhere, you can lock the plastic packaging back up to make sure the remaining stickers don’t lose their potency.

These patches are created to apply to basically any surface or piece of clothing. You can place them on your shirts, pants, belts, hats, furniture, strollers, backpacks, or skateboards. Rather than getting stuck and leaving residue, the stickers are formulated to be easily removed.

Like the previous stickers on the list, these come with a money-back guarantee. Should you be unsatisfied for any reason, the purchase will be refunded completely or replaced.

#3. Janolia Mosquito Patches

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This is another non-toxic and DEET-free set of mosquito patches that’s safe to use around children. There are some differences between these stickers and the previous sets. One is that there are 32 stickers per pack rather than 60. Another is that there are different designs stenciled onto the patches, and you have both yellow and green patches to choose from.

The main repellents infused into the patches are plant oils. Lavender oil is used for antibacterial purposes, citronella oil is used as a strong mosquito repellent, and lemon is used to further repel mosquitoes and confuse their sense of smell. Mosquitoes avoid all of these scents and cannot smell your human body past them.

The patches can be worn both indoors and outdoors, and they’re appropriate for any number of situations. You can use them when going on adventures in the woods, hanging out by the lake, going to social outings like barbecues, going on picnics, hiking, fishing, hunting, or any other hobbies.

As for the stickiness, you don’t have anything to worry about. The patches can firmly stick to many different kinds of fabric and clothing. They don’t cause any residue or potentially toxic mess. When the patches arrive, they’re sorted into eight groups of four patches in each bag. Since the bags are separated, it’s easy to put different patches in places that need them and make sure the unused ones stay freshly sealed.

Final Thoughts

The MosquitoKiller Natural Mosquito Patches are a great choice for anyone who wants a bright, cheerful option for stickers to give out. With sixty in a pack, you can be confident that they’ll last a while. Camp counselors and teachers might want to get them for their students and campers. Since the patches are non-toxic and DEET-free, there’s nothing to worry about.

The same is true of the Squito Guard patches. They’re green instead of yellow, and a lot of the preference comes down to which color you like best. These patches are also made of natural ingredients and DEET-free. You get sixty of them. If you have a group of kids, you might try buying a pack of both the MosquitoKiller and the Squito Guard patches, so that the kids can pick their own color.

The Janolia patches are similarly non-toxic and DEET-free. They have more variance in the designs than either of the previous patches. Rather than being solid-colored, they come with either suns or flowers stenciled on them. There’s also both green and yellow options instead of just one solid color. Though each pack only has 32 patches in it, these are a good option for people who want to give their kids more choice in what their patch looks like.

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