Best Mosquito Repellent For Hunting

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Hunting with overpowering-smelling bug spray is a thing of the past. With today’s modern technology, you’d be shocked by how easy it is to avoid mosquitoes. We’ve put together a list of the top best products to invest in this hunting season.

Best Hunting Mosquito Repellents

ProductPower Source or Active IngredientRun Time
#1. ThermaCell
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Fuel powered12 hours
#2. Spartan

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No power90 days
#3. Sawyer Products

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Permethrin6 weeks

#1. ThermaCell Fuel-Powered Technology

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ThermaCell is revolutionizing the face of the mosquito repellent game. Rather than using traditional sprays, this company is creating technology that creates shielded barriers of protection. A fifteen-foot zone of protection emanates out from the device on all sides, allowing you to enjoy a mosquito-free hunt.

Mosquitoes aren’t annoying just because of the bites. They also cause high-pitched whining sounds and seem to be everywhere. It’s a pain trying to move around them and wave them away from your ears, even if they aren’t trying to bite. If you wish you could repel mosquitoes effectively enough that you could forget they exist altogether, this is the kind of repellent you want.

It works well no matter how infested an area is with mosquitoes. If you’re going to be hunting in a wet place on a humid summer day, you’ll definitely want to have some barrier protection on hand.

The power source for the technology is a fuel cartridge that can burn for a maximum of twelve hours, allowing you to spend your entire day mosquito-free in the woods. There are also repellent mats included that each last for up to four hours. Whether you’re deep in the woods, in the fields, or in your own backyard, the ThermaCell technology provides electricity-free protection.

The secret behind the success is heat technology. The heat-activated repellent mat begins to release insect repellent into the air when the fuel cartridge burns it away. It takes four hours for each mat to burn away and require a replacement. Every device comes with a small fuel cartridge to provide cordless heat that’s directed to the tiny metal grill in the design.

The mat is set on top of the grill. When the repellent is heat-dispersed into the air, it creates a fifteen-foot barrier of protection that mosquitoes avoid. The repellent used is called allethrin. It is a synthetic imitation of natural mosquito repellent that’s derived from chrysanthemum plants.

Unlike many other handheld and fuel-powered mosquito repelling technologies, the ThermaCell isn’t difficult to operate or to set up. First, you slide the mat underneath the metal grill. Then you remove the cover, screw in the fuel cartridge, flip the switch to “on,” pause for five seconds, and press the start button.

You don’t need to light the fuel yourself with a lighter or matches. The device takes care of everything for you. The butane cartridge heats the repellent-soaked mat, causing the repellent to be diffused into the air.

There are enough benefits to this type of repellent that it makes much more sense to use than traditional sprays alone. You don’t have to place any chemicals, lotions, or sprays directly onto your skin. There aren’t any open flames, so you don’t have to worry about causing destruction to the environment surrounding you.

You might be surprised to hear that the repellent is scent-free. Unlike DEET spray, which has an incredibly strong “bug smell” spray, you never know that this repellent is working until you realize you aren’t seeing mosquitoes. Refilling the mat and the cartridge is easy, so you can have ongoing mosquito protection during long days in the woods.

Unlike traps that kill mosquitoes, you don’t have to clean up any bodies afterward. And because the device isn’t battery-operated, you don’t ever have to recharge it or use electricity. You just have to slip in a new fuel cartridge when the old one burns through.

#2. Spartan Mosquito Eradicators

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A Spartan Mosquito Eradicator is another unique mosquito repellent. Unlike the ThermaCell, this isn’t repellent that you carry with you. Instead of offering a portable bubble of protection, this mosquito eradicator helps you get rid of mosquitoes in a specific area. If you set up several of these products along your property line, you can slowly rid it of mosquitoes entirely.

This is a great option for those who hunt on their own property and want to get rid of the skeeters that plague them. After you set the original trap up, you’ll start seeing results within about fifteen days. It’s an effective and continuous mosquito control system. Unlike other systems on the market, the Spartan doesn’t employ zappers, electronics, citronella, mosquito nets, coils, fogs, or sprays.

It also doesn’t need any power whatsoever — all you need to run it is water!

To install it, you just hang the eradicator by a hook around your property perimeter. Add some water to the trap and shake it. There aren’t any unpleasant mists or hazardous chemicals included. These eradicators will attract mosquitoes from all over the property. When the mosquitoes enter and drink the water, they die before they’re able to breed.

You’ll start seeing significant impacts on your property’s mosquito population within just fifteen days. The product has been tested to provide up to ninety-five percent total mosquito control for a full 90 days. After you add the water and shake it, you don’t have to do any maintenance. All you need to do is replace the eradicator at the end of the 90 day period.

When you install the eradicators, make sure that they’re all within 180 feet of each other along your property line so that they don’t have “blind spots.” You should also place them at a distance from any areas that human beings gather, since mosquitoes will move toward the eradicators in swarms. It only takes ten minutes to set up the trap.

Since it’s maintenance-free, chemical-free, power-free, and toxicity-free, this trap is perfect for people to use in commercial and governmental and residential applications.

#3. Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Insect Repellent for Clothing

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Finally, any hunter can benefit from adding a layer of protection to his clothing. There are clothes on the market that are already infused with insect repellent. But they tend to be expensive, and there’s no telling how long the repellent will last. A much better option is to buy your own protection and spray it on your clothing.

That’s where the Permethrin from Sawyer Products comes in. This insect repelling spray is effective against mosquitoes and ticks that spread multiple horrifying diseases. It can also repel mites, chiggers, black flies, and other obnoxious pests. The formula has been tested and proven as effective as a 100 percent DEET concentration.

The Sawyer Products repellent can be sprayed onto your clothing and multiple other fabrics. You can even use it on hard surfaces. After it dries, it’s completely odorless, making it much easier to deal with than strong-smelling DEET. Each treatment lasts through six washes to offer you up to six weeks of full protection.

The formula is specifically designed not to damage or stain clothing, plastics, outdoor gear, finished surfaces, or other fabrics the way that DEET spray sometimes does. As such, it’s the perfect choice for a hunter who wants to make sure his gear all stays perfectly intact.

A 24-ounce bottle of this formula can treat a maximum of eight garments, so you can deck out your whole hunting wardrobe in mosquito protection.

Final Thoughts

Traditional insect repellents help keep mosquitoes from smelling you and trying to suck your blood, but they don’t always keep mosquitoes fully away. Hearing those little whines in your ear can still be annoying. That’s why the power of the ThermaCell is so impressive. When you go into the woods, it truly creates a sphere of protection surrounding you. The ThermaCell is a great choice for hunters on the go.

For people who want to protect their property lines, the Spartan repellent is a great choice. It pulls the mosquitoes close by attracting them with organic signs of life. Then the mosquitoes feed on the water and perish. You’ll start seeing results within fifteen days and having a much easier time enjoying hunting on your property.

For those who want to add a layer of more traditional protection to their clothing, the Sawyer Products spray is a good choice. The Permethrin repellent can infuse with your clothes and last for up to six weeks. It permeates the fabric throughout six washes. Permethrin is one of the most effective insect repellents on the market for both mosquitoes and ticks, making it essential for any hunter’s toolkit.

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