Best Mosquito Misting And Control Systems

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Let’s face it, mosquitos can limit your backyard fun. They can be more than a pest with their ability to transmit diseases such as West Nile and the Zika viruses. Preventative measures can help, but what products are the best mosquito misting and control systems?

Included below are some things to consider before you shop as well as reviews of five products that can provide your yard protection.

5 Best Mosquito Misting and Control Systems To Consider

Mister Product NameVolume Of Liquid HeldRemote Control AvailableSystem MobilityPower
#1. theBlueStone Kit
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None HeldNoneStationaryWater Pressure
#2. MistyMate 30

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None HeldNoneStationaryWater Pressure
#3. Pynamite Pro

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55 GallonsYesStationaryElectric
#4. Universal Pest

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12 OunceYesMobileBattery Powered
#5. Petra Fogger

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4 GallonsNoneMobileElectric

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos present more than a nuisance due to their ability to transmit diseases through their bites. If you live in an area that experiences mosquito infestations it might be necessary to install a control, or misting, a system dedicated to controlling mosquito populations.

What is a mosquito control/misting system?

These systems consist of multiple spray nozzles that are connected to one another by tubing. That tubing is fed pesticide from a container. The control system can be used to spray at preset intervals through the use of timers, switches, or remote control.

A properly planned system will usually be installed along the perimeter of a property as well as strategic locations that can provide coverage throughout the yard. These systems are designed to be used outdoors as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan.

Are control misting systems effective?

Pest control professionals understand that there is no single approach that can manage mosquito populations. Instead, they suggest that homeowners tackle mosquito problems through multiple steps, which include the use of pesticides. A mosquito control or misting system can be combined with other steps, such as removing standing water on your property, to eliminate these pests.

Are control misting systems safe to use?

Many pesticides are labeled for use in these types of systems. Federal and State laws control which products are safe for use. You will need to make sure the proper chemicals are placed in your system to prevent potential issues.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that many pesticides will linger for shorter periods of time and do not present long-term problems. Following manufacturer and pest control instructions for installation and use of a misting system can provide you with additional protection in a safe manner.

#1. MistyMate Cool Patio 30 Outdoor Misting Kit

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This product from MistyMate provides homeowners with 30-feet of hosing as well as 16 nozzles and fittings. It also includes 10-feet of feed hose for connection to your water system.

One feature that the manufacturer stresses with this system is the ability to cool the ambient air temperature during use. This is due to the high atomization of the water used in the lines that can reduce area temperatures by up to 30-degrees Fahrenheit.

  • UV resistant hose will last longer under normal weather conditions and exposure to the sun
  • The nozzles are designed to help atomize the liquids so they can be distributed evenly, including at higher temperatures
  • This system’s manufacturer focuses exclusively on misting products, allowing them to concentrate solely on system designs
  • This mosquito misting system can be more difficult to install due to the extensive assembly that will be required
  • Many of the components, especially the nozzles themselves, are made from cheaper materials that could limit their longevity

#2. theBlueStone DIY Misting System Kit

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theBlueStone offers a misting system that is designed for the layman. Included in the kit is 50-feet of PVC hosing as well as 30 nozzles. This provides enough material to customize your misting system to fit a variety of yards and will allow for larger installations.

The manufacturer also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, helping to install consumer confidence in this mosquito misting system.

  • The length of hose and number of nozzles included makes it a potential fit for larger areas
  • All hose that is included in the kit can be heated with a hairdryer so that it can be molded and installed in difficult landscaping areas
  • This DIY kit has been designed to be installed by non-professionals and should provide an easy-to-install system with clear instructions
  • A lack of a pressure regulator limits the spraying versatility and control users will have with this kit
  • The lower price point is generated by the fact that you will have to assemble the kit yourself

#3. Pynamite Cube PRO Mosquito Misting System

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This system provides users with remote control of their misting. It is also capable of generating even pressure over larger yard designs, providing mosquito control that is consistent. The components are made from durable materials that include stainless steel elbows and brass fittings that will last you a long time.

Pynamite also provides its customers with free consultations designed to create a layout that will work effectively for your front or back yards.

  • A 300 psi pump provides plenty of pressure to supply larger tube runs with even misting capability
  • The control box is small when you consider that this misting system can hold up to 55-gallons at a time
  • It can be powered through an electrical outlet or with the use of batteries
  • This mosquito misting system has a big price tag due to the design and size of the controls it offers
  • More control versatility will mean that the controls provided are more complex to operate than simple switch or timer systems

#4. Universal Pest Solution Mosquito Mister

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Universal offers a product that is compact and mobile. This misting system can be used and then stored away, providing pest control without having to layout and build a complex system of tubes and nozzles. It also comes with an 18-month warranty.

  • The unit itself is compact and can be moved to the desired location, features that work well with small yards or patio areas
  • It makes use of simple design and requires minimal setup time so that it can be put to use quickly and easily
  • A remote control option allows users to turn the system on and off so that they will not need to manipulate it from the location that it hangs from
  • This compact unit is designed to provide protection for only 2000 square feet and may require repositioning to provide complete yard coverage
  • It will require more frequent monitoring and refills due to its size and requires it to be hung in order to offer maximum protection

#5. Petra Electric Fogger Atomizer Backpack Sprayer

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If you want to have complete control over the misting area or want to only place pesticide in portions of your yard, a backpack sprayer may be an option. This misting system provides mobility while still using electrical power. The wand and nozzle allow you to reach into areas that a fixed nozzle may struggle to reach, such as planters or behind objects in your yard.

  • Using a backpack design will allow you to place pesticide in a limited area and provide you with more control of the mist that is generated
  • The container can hold up to four gallons of liquid that can cover more area between refills
  • Using electric power allows this mister to pump mist without having to stop for battery charging
  • The backpack design of this misting system will require manual use and cannot be operated on its own
  • A four-gallon container will require adequate balance and strength of the user, making it a less desirable product for those with limited mobility

Parting The Mists

theBlueStone DIY Misting System Kit stands out as an economic set up that can provide misting power without the need for external power. This kit provides enough materials to cover a medium-sized property and uses water to help distill the pesticide. It is also simple to assemble and operate.

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