Best Mosquito Jacket

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Mosquito jackets are a very specific type of bug protection. The goal of them is to keep your upper body safe from mosquitoes and other insects. But the way each jacket is designed varies so widely that it’s hard to know where to start.

Some jackets are made to go over your clothes, while others are made to function as your clothes. If you’re hiking with a heavy backpack and other gear, one of your priorities will be to get something that’s lightweight and compact. The best jacket combinations include their own carrying pouch or have special ways to be folded up.

When you’re picking a jacket, look for one that has some kind of facial protection. Facial netting is a solid bet, as long as the netting is woven tightly enough to keep mosquitoes out. Some mosquito jackets have been treated with permethrin, which is a chemical that bonds to the fabric and emits an odorless insect repellent aura for months or years afterward.

Best Mosquito Jackets

ProductWeightJacket Material
#1. Coghlan’s
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1 poundPolyester
#2. ExOfficio

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1 poundPolyester
#3. Sea to Summit

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6.4 ouncesPolyester

Your first priority is to find a jacket that properly shields your body. That means that the sleeves and the waist need to cinch or be tight so that the mosquitoes can’t slip underneath loose fabric. If the face is protected with netting, make sure there’s a zipper at the neck to make snacking and drinking easy. Some jackets come with gloves or mitts for additional protection.

When you’re confident that your skin is covered well enough, additional insect shielding is priority number two. Permethrin treatments can last for different amounts of time depending on the manufacturer and how rigorous the treatment was. You don’t want to rely on them exclusively for protection, but they are convenient as a bonus layer.

#1. Coghlan’s Bug Jacket

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Coghlan’s is a manufacturer that designs and creates mosquito netting, clothing, and repellent. This bug jacket is a basic offering that gives you everything you could need in insect protection. If you’re looking for a no-fuss design that gets the job done, this is the option for you. It’s lightweight, available in multiple sizes, offers good coverage, and designed to keep you cool.

The fine mesh of the jacket is woven tightly enough to keep out mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and other insect pests that you might encounter during your adventures. Since the mesh is woven polyester, it can stand up to a good deal of wear-and-tear. The jacket is flame retardant, making it ideal for campers who occasionally get a little too enthusiastic about their bonfires.

Rather than leaving the sleeves and waist of the jacket open, there are elastic drawstrings on the cuffs and the waist. When you pull them tight, the jacket cinches around your body so that insects can’t slip underneath and bite you anyway. The head is protected by fine netting, but there’s a zipper around the neck to let you easily access your face.

The design of the jacket is made to be unisex. You can figure out your size based on weight.

#2. ExOfficio Men’s Bugsaway Sandfly Jacket

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If you’re looking for a much more sophisticated and high-end offering, the Sandfly jacket might have everything you want. It’s significantly more expensive than the majority of other jackets, but that’s because it functions as both protection and a true jacket.

The Sandfly design is sleek and well-fitting, with sharp lines and asymmetrical zippers that are all the rage in today’s fashion. It’s available in two colors: black and white. Both designs use cleverly-placed seams to provide as much coverage and bug protection as possible without sacrificing aesthetic. Multiple sizes are available.

On top of being a fitting and closed jacket that provides coverage, the Sandfly jacket has been infused with BugsAway insect shielding technology. All the apparel in the BugsAway line has been treated with the same repellent. You have a layer of odorless and invisible protection made from the binding of permethrin to the garment’s fibers. Since the permethrin is chemically binded, it doesn’t rub onto your skin, and it can stay on the jacket through up to seventy washes.

Despite the sleek material, the jacket is designed to be as lightweight as possible. When you want to carry it instead of wear it, you can fold and stuff the jacket down into its own secure zipper pocket, letting it double as a pouch. For hikers and other travelers, the ease and compactness of storage is a lifesaver.

The shoulders of the jacket are reinforced so that they won’t wear down regardless of how heavy your backpack straps are. The included hood offers protection for the ears and face. Though the jacket doesn’t have netting across the face, the BugsAway coating is effective enough that it’s unlikely to need it.

During research, the jacket was showed to be effective at repelling mosquitoes, ticks, midges, chiggers, flies, and ants. The material is lightweight nylon with breathable mesh, and the packable pocket in front can hold any items you want secured.

#3. Sea to Summit Bug Jacket and Mitts

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This item on the list, when compared to the previous jacket, is pretty much the opposite end of the fashion spectrum. Even the manufacturer agrees. The tagline is that you’ll look very silly but be free of bites. For those who don’t care for fashion and just want great protection, this is the item for you. For those who do care about fashion, you probably won’t be a fan.

One thing that sets this product apart from the others is that there’s both a jacket and mitts included. The other jackets haven’t come with protection for the hands; they’ve just had elastic on the sleeves to keep mosquitoes from flying up the arms. The design is available in sizes from S to XL. You can choose whether or not to get an insect shield, which is additional insect repellent treatment. If you’re going to be camping somewhere buggy enough to warrant mitts, the insect shield is a good idea.

The jacket and mitts are very highly rated in terms of how well they protect you during outdoor activities. The storage system is very compact, and the clothes themselves are lightweight enough not to impede you regardless of the weather. There’s ultra-fine polyester mesh used to keep out both mosquitoes and no-see-ums.

The Insect Shield model has been infused with insect repellent to provide an additional layer of protection. It’s a good investment for individuals who are going to be in extremely infested areas, or who are going to be out in the wilderness for long periods of time.

The design includes a zippered hood that allows easy head access. Rather than using colored mesh, the face panel is black to increase visibility. With the adjustable cuffs and waist, you can always make sure the jacket is tight enough not to let bugs in. The large sizing options are made to pull on easily over your clothing, and the bug mitts are included to protect your hands.

One more positive of this jacket option is that it comes with a convenient storage pouch. When you’re not wearing the jacket, you can store it in said pouch. But when you are, you can use the pouch to carry any number of other things you don’t want to hold in your hands.

Final Thoughts

The Coghlan’s bug jacket is one of the best options on the market if you want a standard mosquito jacket option that provides all the levels of protection you’re looking for. It’s lightweight and available in multiple sizes, and it can fold down small enough to be compactly carried in your luggage.

The ExOfficio jacket is a much more stylish option that’s meant to function as an actual jacket rather than a decorative piece. It’s a great choice if you want a more practical outdoorsy jacket and don’t mind paying a little extra for it. Like the Coghlan’s, it’s available in multiple sizes. In addition to being the most fashionable item on the list, it has an invisible built-in insect repelling treatment that can last for a maximum of seventy washes.

The Sea to Summit product is different from the other two in that it contains both a jacket and mitts. The goal is to cover all or most of the exposed skin on your body, assuming your legs are protected by socks and long pants. It’s a super compact and lightweight piece of protective gear that’s available in multiple sizes. Unfortunately, if you’re worried about fashion, this might not be the choice for you. As the manufacturer says, you’ll look very silly, but you’ll be free of bug bites.

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