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When you’re planning to go on any adventures outdoors, one of the first things you should consider is insect protection. There’s nothing worse than being excited about a trip… only to discover that the mosquitoes and other insects are going to make you miserable.

Whether you’re going kayaking, canoeing, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, boating, or some other outdoor activity, you can benefit from mosquito netting to keep bugs away from your face. But how do you pick the best options?

Some nets come with a hat attached, while others expect you to have headgear of your own. Varying nets are available in varying colors and styles. They also have different levels of perforation, with higher holes per square inch being more tightly woven.

The most important thing is that your netting is large enough to cover you comfortably and strong enough to keep the bugs out.

Best Mosquito Head Net Reviews

ProductHoles Per Square InchNetting Color
#1. Even Naturals
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#2. UShake

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#3. Benvo

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#1. Even Naturals Premium Mosquito Head Net Mesh

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Even Naturals creates a number of different products to help with insect protection and repellent. This is one of the best head nets available if you’re shopping on a budget. The mesh is perforated with enough holes per square inch to keep out the majority of insects, and the natural materials don’t have any additional chemicals or concerning ingredients added.

The soft netting is designed to be extra fine, finer than the average mesh netting at this price point. 200 holes per square inch is usually enough to keep the majority of mosquitoes and other annoying bugs out. By comparison, this mesh is woven nearly twice as tight, boasting 380 total holes per square inch.

This is a larger net than many others on the market, shaped to fit a person’s head, cover the brim of their had, and protect their neck and part of their chest. As it keeps the bugs out, it allows fresh air to circulate inside. The black material creates better visibility than brighter colors, which can be distracting to the eye.

The netting is designed to be multipurpose and pull over a variety of different hat sizes. It does not come with the hat. Whatever cap you prefer, the netting should be able to stretch over the brim. The extra long shape and width of this mosquito net help offer additional comfort since you don’t have to worry about your skin being constricted.

As for ease of use, there’s no complex setup here. You just pull the net over your hat, and you’re good to go. Rather than having complex elastic or fastening systems, the bottom of the net is simply fitted with a drawstring. Once it’s secure, pull the string as snug as you want.

The mosquito net has never been treated with any essential oils, insecticides, or other insect repelling chemicals. You don’t need to worry that you’re putting chemicals against your sensitive skin or breathing in potential fumes. Everything about the design uses natural products.

As part of the manufacturer guarantee, Even Naturals states that if there are any issues with the net within the first month of ownership, you can get a refund right away. Also included in the package is a carrying bag that allows you to fold the net up compactly when you aren’t using it.

#2. UShake Mosquito Head Net Hat

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The UShake mosquito net is different from the previous option on the list in that it does include the headgear in addition to the net. If you’re a fan of stylish hats with wide brims, you’ll be happy with this net and hat option. Another difference is that it’s available in three colors rather than just standard black: dark grey, green, and khaki.

The fabric composition uses nylon fabric for the hat combined with polyester net mesh. Since it’s a non-impregnated fabric, all the mosquito repellent properties are natural. You get good air circulation without worrying about breathing in pesticides.

The brim of the net is wide, allowing it to fit comfortably over the majority of headwear. You can separate the netting from the hat and use the netting with your own headgear instead. When you wash the netting, it should be done by hand in water less than 86 F.

The UShake net and hat is designed with a dual functionality innovation. Inside the hat is a hidden mesh netting compartment. When you open it, you can find a bug guard against mosquitoes that can wrap around your entire head. All you have to do is pull the mesh up, adjust it to your head, and go on your adventures! You can flip the hat between an anti-mosquito net and a sun hat depending on where you are and what you’re up to.

Since the hat is surrounded by a 360 degree brim, it provides ideal protection for your face and neck from the harmful UV rays cast by the sun. Depending on the angle of the sun, it can also protect your shoulders. It’s very important protection, especially when the sun is high in the middle of the day.

This product also comes with a total money back guarantee. Every UShake hat includes a 12-month warranty. Should there be any issue whatsoever, the company will refund the entire cost of the purchase.

#3. Benvo Head Net Mesh

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Like the first option, this is a mesh netting design that doesn’t come with a hat. You’ll need to have your own headgear with a brim that you can pull this netting over. Unlike the first option, this one is available in a whopping eight colors. Whether you want dark neutrality that offers easy visibility, or you want something bold and bright like hot pink, there’s a color here that can suit your taste.

This has the finest mesh of any option on the list. With a whopping 522 holes per square inch, this mesh is capable of keeping out not only mosquitoes, but also no-see-ums and the vast majority of other insects that could try to wreak havoc. Insects will not be able to get at your neck and face. The fine netting makes this a great gift option for hunters, hikers, travelers, fishermen, gardeners, and anyone else who spends a lot of time around small insects.

The netting is made of breathable nylon fabric that’s difficult to tear. Fresh air circulates easily through the perforations, and it’s easy to see through the netting. The bottom of the net has a neck drawstring to allow you to adjust the fit to the exact shape of your head.

Also included with the package are free storage bags. Every face net you buy is accompanied by a small toggle bag. When you’re not using the net, you can fold or wrap it up tightly and stuff it in the bag. This helps you save space in your luggage and even store the net directly in your pocket.

The manufacturer’s money-back guarantee for this net lasts for 45 days. Should there be any issue, you can get a refund without a problem.

Final Thoughts

The Even Naturals hat is one of the best options if you want a versatile design with a natural take. With 380 holes per square inch, the mesh is finer than the majority of the competition at this price point. It can keep out not only mosquitoes, but also most other smaller insects as well. In addition, the black mesh color provides better visibility than lighter colors like gray and white. The hat isn’t included, so this is just the netting itself.

The UShake head net and hat is a good option if you want something with construction that’s a little higher quality. Because the mesh fabric is made completely of woven polyester, it’s much less likely to tear than the Even Naturals. It can stand up to repeated wear-and-tear while you’re adventuring.

In addition, it’s available in three colors: dark gray, green, and khaki. Though they don’t have the straight visibility of black, they do offer more style options. This design does include a hat, and you can flip the hat between protective netting and sun hat depending on your needs.

The Benvo head net has the largest range of style options. Though the default option is gray, you also have black, khaki, navy blue, olive, pink, white, and a mix of grey and black. Whether you’re choosing based on aesthetic or visibility, there’s a color here for you. The netting is durable and has the most holes per mesh of any of the options, boasting more than 500 per square inch.

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